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April 10 2017 at 5:56 AM
Bill A 

Response to Re: Information on 248th battalion

The 248th Bn was raised in Grey County, southern Ontario. The principal city of the area is Owen Sound. The 31st Regiment refers to the pre-1914 militia regiment, the 31st Grey Regiment. The crest of the 31st was used as the central design device on the 248th Bn cap badge. (There is some controversy about the badge. LAC records indicate that the OC of the battalion reported that they had had no other distinctive badge than the General List maple leaf pattern.)
The 248th was absorbed by the 7th and 8th Reserve Bns. The 7th was in turn absorbed by the 6th Reserve Bn. The 6th reinforced eastern Ontario bns at the front, the 2nd, 21st, 38th, and PPCLI. (The PPCLI were considered an Ottawa battalion for adm purposes for part of the war). The 8th reinforced the 54th, 38th, 102nd, and 116th at the end of the war.
However these reinforcement streams must be treated with caution. W.A. Alexander, original 248th Bn, went to the 8th Reserve and then served with the 4 CMRR.

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