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Camp X Museum-British Security Coordination.

April 16 2017 at 7:40 AM

Response to Re: Camp X. (STS 103) British Security Coordination.

I hope that some day sooner, rather then later that a Camp X museum that specializes in our countries clandestine and intelligence gathering history is created to show the general public of our historical past and including Cold war era history as well, as Igor Gouzenko affair in 1945. He and his family were given state protection at camp X after the war. I'm sort of surprised that the 150 anniversary of Canada as a country this year that nobody has at the official level, has taken any interest of funding nor supporting at this project what so ever? The RCMP had an important role on supporting this organization during war, and not much is mentioned on their website of it's history nor any support for this project either from the RCMP association for that matter. Hmmmm..'

Several links of interest on this deeply interest topic. (Camp X souvenir..!??)


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