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CAOs, CFOOs and MOOs

April 17 2017 at 2:53 PM

Response to Sources for CAO, CFOO and MOO

Thanks Guys

I have been having reasonable luck finding GO's in the Canadian Gazette on the LAC site, but I will look at TMM when that part becomes more important to me.

I kind of felt that I maybe hooped in this line Dan, and what you said, rings totally true with what I have found, seen and served with. Being in Calgary, quick visits to Ottawa are just not there. The Official Lineages by CMP/DHH have been a great but I have found lots of other things in the GO's, which make the remainder also interesting. MOO's start appearing in them about 1985 and the numbering system seems to be year and number (yyxxx or yyyyxxx)

I guess I will reopen this line later and see if history has caught up with us. I will still watch this list (like always) so if YOU find something, please tell all us

Neil T

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