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April 30 2017 at 11:48 AM
Ken Joyce 

Response to Camp X. (STS 103) British Security Coordination.

Chris knows that I have been working on some controversial information on STS 103. To date I have gathered literally thousands of documents on the facility in coordination with a researcher in the UK to include volumes only released over the last 10 years. This includes every available record of personnel passing through the camp and the operations they were sent on.

I have sought a publisher all over the globe and no one is interested in taking on the project. I always get the same reply and if you can believe it they claim it is too narrow a subject matter.

The main reason they do not want to take it on is because the actual truth behind one of the main reasons for the camp has been deliberately hidden. In fact it is actually tied in with Gouzenko and involves top members of the Liberal Government and their dealings with the Canadian Communist Party. In fact if the entire truth was
told it could completely destroy the legitimacy of the leaders of the Liberal Party of Canada and its bureaucratic regime beginning in the 1930's.

This is not speculation or hearsay, the entire story has been locked up in the UK unbeknownst to those involved in Canada.

The transparent Trudeau government of today is not so transparent. In fact they are about as transparent as a brick wall.

I have been fighting for years now to have records of the Minister of Justice and RCMP released that directly deal with the King, Pearson and Trudeau Governments and their direct involvement with Soviet espionage in Canada. It is little understood that despite the Conservative governments of Diefenbaker and Clark, practically the entire government bureaucracy, to include Canada's intelligence service ( actually External Affairs and later Security Panel ) were entirely controlled by Liberals suspected ( and I have proven) to be closet Communists. The implications of this are colossal. From Canada's foreign policies after WW2 to projects like the Avro Arrow. The vastness of the implications are incredible and also explain why today we have a Prime Minister that stated quite clearly that he has an "admiration for the basic dictatorship of Communist China."

This attitude goes way back to before WW2 and is directly implicated in one of the original reasons for the creation of STS 103 and its original project. It was not to recruit personnel to work for the western allies. It was to covertly recruit personnel on behalf of the Soviet Union and Communist International in order for them to infiltrate Countries in Eastern Europe to link up with local Communists with with ultimate goal to assist the Soviets. The operation was coerced by members of SIS and SOE who were in essence Soviet moles. At the top were personalities like James Klugmann, Kim Philby, and a cavalcade of others working for the Soviets. Again, this is not speculation or some political bias, I have proven this by the time line of documents and recent research and releases from archives to include those in Eastern Europe and Federal Archives of Russia.

Directly implicated in Canada are top members of External Affairs and other Government offices completely controlled by the Liberal brand. Many would go on to control Canada's intelligence apparatus and two would go on to become Prime Minister of Canada.

Authors and researchers have brought aspects of this forward before. However my evidence goes back further than the so-called cold war. A war which truthfully began with the creation of the Communist International in 1919.

Gouzenko is more of a pivotal figure than most people realize. His defection took these so-called Liberals completely by surprise. However he was effectively silenced. Rather than move forward with the revelations brought forward by Gouzenko, Soviet archives reveal that Soviet espionage rapidly increased in Canada after Gouzenko defected and that Canada was effectively used as an open door to gathering intelligence on both Great Britain and the United States. To the KGB, Canada was a soft target and they were getting assistance from people close to the ruling Liberal regimes. Again the implications are tremendous. All the debate of why Canada scrapped the Avro Arrow and foreign policies from Canada's involvement in the UN, Korea and Nato to Trudeau's direct involvement in kicking Taiwan out of the UN in place of Communist China, all these things now take on a more sinister and dark patina.

It is obvious that any effort by the Soviets to infiltrate western governments would target those in political movements that they could influence and control. The Canadian Communist Party was too overt and their ploys would become more obvious if they attempted to infiltrate any conservative movement. The Liberal Party of Canada becomes the obvious choice. This plot began in the 1920's and played out exactly the same way the Soviets recruited top intellectuals and their students at Cambridge and Oxford. Most of those implicated in Canada attended these schools in the 1920's and 1930's.

I can safely report that our transparent Liberal Government of today has refused access to 95% of the evidence in Canada. From records still held by the Minister
of Justice to records created by the RCMP. These records go back as far as late 1930's and include Cabinet documents, several Royal Commissions and RCMP investigations. In a seedy agreement between Joe Clark and Pierre Trudeau it was agreed that files such as the RCMP Featherbed investigation be permanently closed after Clark became PM in 1980. They were to be closed for an additional 20 years. Well that was approx 17 years ago. The bulk of the investigation remains permanently closed. No ATIP or protest has opened them.

I also just received word from the Minister of Justice that they cant answer this very important question. After reading the War Measures Act, I immediately became suspicious of the powers of the PM under such an Act. The powers of the PM are not made perfectly clear. It briefly discusses powers of censorship and other powers relating to control over various departments of the government. So, when Trudeau implemented the WMA during the FLQ crisis, did that give him sweeping powers to
purge documents relating to prior investigations and commissions ? We know for a fact that many of these records were indeed purged. I was essentially refused an answer. According to the Minister of Justice there are no documents that explain the extent of the powers of the PM during the implementation of the WMA which pertain to his control over the documentation of Government departments. I find that difficult to believe. If this is true the implications there are also worth contemplating.

So, in conclusion I hope many on this forum will ask themselves why no one in publishing or the media or even the government find this information of interest. No one has even asked to see the evidence I have. There is no doubt that members of the Liberal Government of Canada and those representing them as permanent bureaucrats are implicated in efforts by the OGPU, GRU, NKVD, KGB and the Canadian Communist Party to undermine the people of Canada, the efforts of the western allies and to set up Communist regimes in Countries like Austria, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Italy, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary.

Despite the refusal by the Canadian Government to assist me in uncovering the truth, my manuscript is almost done. I dont need that information to prove what occurred during the war or even up to the election of Joe Clark. However I can help but wonder what must be in those files that the Government does not want the Canadian public to know. The excuse that the sordid sexual escapades of many government employees are the reason for the ban holds absolutely no water. It would therefore be the job of ATIP to redact that information and supply the unrelated, non-personal facts. They simply refuse to do that.

Ken Joyce

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