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Joe Clark

April 30 2017 at 12:08 PM
Ken Joyce 

Response to Not what it seems CANADIANS NEED TO READ THIS


Clark became PM in 1979, I meant to say that the agreement to close investigative files was made before Trudeau returned as PM in 1980.

Here is an overview of the press's perspective on the matter at that time...

Montreal Gazette story dated 11 October 1979, “In a secret Order-in-Council issued in his last days as Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau ordered all the police intelligence files on him and his Cabinet colleagues be sealed for at least 20 years, the Gazette has learned. The files were part of a top secret investigation called, ‘Operation Featherbed’ that was started by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in the early 1960’s [actually 1950’s]. Prime Minister Joe Clark agreed in a letter dated June 2 that Trudeau’s final Order-in-Council would be respected, an undertaking which has angered some Conservative MP’s. Repeated efforts by Trudeau and other senior Liberals to gain access to the Featherbed files were turned down by the RCMP security branch. But senior members of the security service have told the Gazette that the file includes material on the private lives of influential Canadian figures, their past political affiliations, contacts with agents of foreign powers, private weaknesses or vices and even sexual practices. Trudeau’s decision to issue an Order-in Council sealing this Featherbed material just four days after the last federal election, but while he was still Prime Minister, also brought sharp rebukes from his former Cabinet colleagues...”

So not only does this heap a pile of additional suspicion on Trudeau but also makes one ask what the RCMP also had on the private lives of many Conservative politicians for Clark to agree to such an incriminating agreement. It is possible that not only the RCMP investigation had info on the private lives of politicians but it is also likely that the KGB held incriminating evidence. By 1979 the KGB were everywhere in Canada.


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