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Dean the Expert

May 1 2017 at 1:21 PM
F-in nuts 

Response to Re: Joe Clark

Ok Dean

Here are some important questions I want YOU, Dean the expert, to answer.

1. What does Project "J" actually stand for ?
2. Who specifically was assigned to recruit prospects for Project "J" ? Who were their leaders and what political organizations were they working on behalf of?
3. The first men for Project "J" were recruited in what country under what civilian organization?
4. When were the first recruiters assigned and if you can answer that, when did Germany invade the USSR? Was the USSR and ally before the German invasion?
5. When did the first Project "J" recruits arrive at STS 103?
6. Who were men in Project "J" being recruited for overseas? What sections of SIS and SOE ? who were their leaders?
7. Was the PM and Minister of National Defense told of this recruiting scheme and its exact goal? Was External Affairs aware?
8. How may of these "leaders" in SIS and SOE would later be convicted, later revealed or admit themselves that they were working for the Soviets?
9. How many men recruited under Project "J" terminated their involvement with SOE/SIS on arrival in theater only to disappear into the ranks of, for example, the Jugoslav (ooops gave you a hint there!) National Army only to appear after the war as top members of Communist political and military movements in Eastern European Countries?
10. Who was James Klugmann? What was he in charge of ? What did he admit to doing after the war? what was his relation to the so-called Cambridge Five?
11. Who was Kim Philby? What Sections did he work for/run from 1941-44? Were any of his bosses suspected or convicted of working for the Soviets?
12. Do you honestly believe that the USSR was an ally of the west ?

When Dean gets back to us with the answers to all these questions it will likely mean that if he truly knows anything about STS 103 he will issue an apology.

Ken Joyce

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