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May 1 2017 at 2:05 PM
Ken Joyce 

Response to Dean the Expert

While we are on the subject of "Canadians" that trained at STS 103, Here is another question DEAN.

How many of those recruited in Project "J" were actually "Canadian" ?

How many of the later French Canadian Groups who were obviously "Canadian" actually went overseas on operations?

Who owned the land and actually ran the school? The Canadians?

What was the first British code name for the British Mission to Canada to run the school? Seen any of those documents?

The fact of the matter is, more actual "Canadians" of Chinese descent were trained for SIS, SOE, SOA and Indian Intelligence operations
in SE Asia in BC than "Canadians" were trained at STS 103.

A large swath of those trained as part of Project "J" were illegals or not yet Canadian citizens when recruited like
one of their leaders Kovacevich who was not a British/Canadian/US citizen. He was a wanted man along with a few others
trained as part of Project "J".

None of these men fought FOR CANADA! I want you to understand this. They were members of the Communist Party of Canada or USA and fought
for the Soviet Union. This is made VERY PLAIN during their Communist Party of Canada plebiscite when it was declared that they would not
fight for the criminal regime of the M King Government and only for the spread of Communism under the over all control of the Communist

Dont believe me! Just ask and I will provide you with the Library and Archives and British National Archives sources.

Ken Joyce

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