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Many questions prompted while reading my Dad's Service Records

May 1 2017 at 2:34 PM


I want to start by saying "Thank You" for this invaluable service you are providing by having this forum. I have been "lurking in the shadows" for quite some time now trying to get a better understanding of what my father did during his service in WW2 and have found many answers here. For that I am most grateful.

At first all I was trying to do was to replicate his Battledress blouse, but that task has snowballed into an all out research project and the more information I find the more proud and awestruck I am of my Dad and every other soldier who fought for our freedom.

I have my Dad's service records and have pored over the pages a thousand times and I have ended up having many questions that I am hoping you will be able to assist with.

I'm hoping to submit more inquiries later but for now I could use some help with some abbreviations that I haven't been able to find anywhere:

FTW, Spc Inc, WTO, Adm and Mac Increment

FTW - as in Leave P(1) no ftw.
Spc Inc - as in SOS (from 2 CARU) to 1st Med Regiment Spc Inc
Note -He ultimately ended up with the 3rd Medium Regiment
WTO - as in TOS WTO L/Bdr (This happened after he was injured)
SOS (from 2 CGRU) to 1 Adm Trp Coy
SOS (from 1 Adm Trp Coy) to 2 Mac Increment

Any assistance you can provide will be appreciated more than I could express.

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