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Liberal Party

May 1 2017 at 3:45 PM
Ken Joyce 

Response to Manuscript

Hi John

I dont think I said the entire Liberal Party. What I was referring to was that those at the top of decisions being made by King during the 30's 40's etc. were ALL investigated for ties to Communism and foreign agents. They being, Jack Pickersgill, Norman Robertson, Lester Pearson, Saul Rae and a cavalcade of others. It is very difficult to understand what King actually knew about all this. As far as STS 103 is concerned, he was told absolutely nothing about the recruiting of Communists nor was Ralston and many in the Military. They were simply told that it was a training camp for British para-military operations. The recruiting was handled by External Affairs ( three of the men listed previously) and the RCMP.

Obviously there were many in the Liberal Party that had no clue this was going on. But as the years progressed, the Liberals became more and more left. As I mentioned, the Liberals were an obvious target of the Soviets. Just read anything from OGPU, GRU, NKVD or KGB defectors or the Mitrohkin Archives publications. Canada was not the only target and the Democratic Party in the US was also heavily hit. It was the Communist International, it was indeed international! In fact it has now been proven that top members of the OSS were also working for the Soviets and there is the famous unresolved charge that the head of SIS during the Gouzenko period was a Soviet mole.

It is not a surprise to me how completely ignorant Canadians are to this information. After all, once Trudeau became PM he recruited all of his Communist friends at Cite Liber to run the CBC, National Film Board and helped place more into prominent positions within newspapers and magazines. This is all on the record folks, just get off your ass and do the research. The 1960's was a period when the world's media took a violent surge down the road of leftist fantasy and we are all dealing with that now. This pushed along by the drug culture and how "cool man" it was to be a revolutionary no matter how many millions it exterminated. All with the aid of the KGB. I suggest you listen to the lectures by KGB defector Yuri Bezmanov.

I dont need archives documents to prove Trudeau was a communist, he bloody admits it himself in many of this books and articles. He ran a Communist newspaper for God's sake! He WAS TAKEN ON BY THE PEARSON GOVERNMENT. Pearson and Robertson were directly responsible for the lifting of the ban on the Communist Party and also directly responsible for the recruiting of Communists in Canada for STS 103. It just goes on and on and on....

Ken Joyce

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