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Very Sorry

May 2 2017 at 7:02 AM

Response to Liberal Party

I just wish to say I am very sorry for my comments regarding Ken Joyce's concept of what Camp X or STS 103 was all about.
That was not the way to disagree with his ideas

I have never stated I am an expert on Camp X, just that I was with the Historical Society for many years and helped run the Museum that was in Whitby. not the Bob S Collection.

I have had the oportunity to see documents ect that are not in the public domain, so, yes I feel that I may know more about the camp than many others

I have not heard of many of the things brought forward by Mr Joyce, that does not mean they are not correct, however, again I had not heard of them and coming out of left field the way they did, rather blind sided me

Documents that are public domain tell us this camp was set up to Train Americans in that "Behind the lines" type of warfare, and yes very few Canadians were trained at the Camp.

I will leave this at that.

Again, I am very sorry for the attack I made on My Joyce, that should never have happened.
I can only hope I will be forgiven

Dean O

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