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My best guess is...

May 2 2017 at 3:03 PM
Dan Martel 

Response to Many questions prompted while reading my Dad's Service Records


Some of the acronyms I know, some I don't. So here goes.

FTW. Judging by the context I would say that it has something to do with a travel warrant, as in "no f--- travel warrant. Maybe "no free travel warrant." Travel warrants were issued to soldiers by their unit when said soldiers had to travel on civilian networks, usually rail or bus. Some leave was granted with travel warrants, some without. It looks like this particular grant of leave was for a local destination.

Spc Inc. Special Increment. Units, in this case a medium artillery regiment, could be given a special increment to hold personnel over and above their establishment. The reasons for having a spc inc are many, and many units fought with additional troops in a spc inc till the end of the war.

WTO. Not exactly sure, but I do know that L/Bombardier was a unit appointment, not a rank. That means a soldier holding such an appointment would lose it when he left, or was SOS, his unit. Said soldier may receive a new L/Bdr appointment upon arrival, or TOS, at his new unit. This is what I think happened here. He was appointed L/Bdr at the same time he was TOS. I think the 'W' may stand for 'with' as in "TOS with TO L/Bdr.

Adm. Administration or administrative. 1 Administration Troop Company.

Mac Increment. Are you sure Mac is in lower case? MAC (upper case) stands for Motorized Ambulance Company. If your dad was injured while in the artillery, and as a result had his medical profile reduced to where he was no longer fit to be in an active artillery unit, but was still of a profile sufficient to work in a 'B' echelon unit, like a MAC, he would have been transferred to one after recovering from his injuries. Increment, again, as over and above unit establishment.

This is my best estimation. Hope it helps. Oh, and thanks for putting the acronyms in context. It makes translating from Army to English that much easier.


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