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May 3 2017 at 11:12 AM
Dan Martel 

Response to Abbreviations


Thanks for the additional info.

Mac will be for Motorized Ambulance Company as they were RCASC units and operated within the L of C (Line of Communications) or the rear areas behind the battle zone. With possibly a reduced medical profile from his wounds, your dad would still have been useful in a support role and seems to have been employed as such.

Driver i/c stands for Driver internal combustion, or driver of a motorized vehicle. (Driver without the i/c meant the driver of a team of horses. It was a holdover trade designation from the beginning of the war.) If your dad was a Driver i/c with the artillery then after his release from the hospital he could be placed anywhere a Driver i/c was required (like a MAC). Being in a MAC didn't necessarily mean he drove an ambulance. There were many support vehicles in a MAC that didn't transport the wounded. He may have drove one of them.

By the way, artillery units did have motorcyclists. Most Army units did to, as you said, carry dispatches between headquarters.

There were two lance appointments in the Army: Lance Corporal (or Lance Bombardier in the Artillery) and Lance Sergeant. They were a non-permanent appointment that the Commanding Officer of a unit could award to those soldiers who were under consideration for a promotion to the substantive rank of Corporal or Sergeant. Every unit was allowed a fixed number of lance appointments. Usually about 20 Lance Corporals and eight or so Lance Sergeants. Because they were awarded at the discretion of the CO, they were only valid as long as the person holding the appointment remained in the unit. When a soldier holding one was SOS, the appointment was taken away, and the soldier was TOS at his new unit with only his substantive rank. There's probably a regulation somewhere that explains it better than I've tried to do here. I'll see if I can find it.

I'm not sure that I fully understand the paragraph about your dad's lance appointment. To post photos or documents on here, you have to subscribe to a photo service that will give your downloads an http address. Failing that, you can e-mail your downloads to me direct and I'll post them on here for you and try to provide a better interpretation.


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