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Soviets etc.

May 3 2017 at 4:11 PM
Ken Joyce 

Response to Soviet Espionge in Canada

Thanks Chris, that is much appreciated. I will look into those links.

I would like to get this info out there but as I mentioned, no interest. This is for three reasons. One of the only military history publishers in Canada published
a book on the 1st Special Service Force which essentially called me a liar. I have thrown up proof on my website to completely destroy their claim. So the publisher took that personally. The second reason being that I am not a renowned Canadian historian with a Ph.D Lastly, I am a researcher not a writer. While I believe my writing is fine, it may require some work by a publisher to make it flow better. They are not willing to help me put forward a truly definitive history of Canadians in British Intelligence nor do they want to help me educate Canadians on Soviet espionage in Canada. I feel this is not only due to political bias but also because they want to play it safe. All we tend to do in Canada is repeat the same BS over and over again until it is so branded in the minds of the population they refuse to even look at new evidence as it appears from archives the world over. They are breeding ignorance which is obvious in the world today.

The major error made by most researchers is not taking the time to understand the original Socialist movements and their desire for totalitarian control decades before Mussolini and Hitler were even born.

I tried to write a short article on this subject but it is impossible because people will demand proof and that proof takes up space. This especially when you are beginning the story in the 1840's and ending it in the 1980's. I may attempt to shrink the STS103 aspect of it into an article however it too is massive. This is because to understand the main goal of the Communists, one has to relate in detail a prewar and wartime history of Yugoslavia as well as Hungary, Italy, Romania and Bulgaria. To write a short article would mean cutting info and leaving me open to criticism due to the limited evidence I can provide.

So it is a difficult situation.

However what happened in Canada from the establishment of the Communist International until the electing of Trudeau as PM are all linked.

I will figure out something.



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