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Two manuscripts

May 4 2017 at 10:52 AM
Ken Joyce 

Response to Re: Publishing


I have two manuscripts, one strictly covering all aspects of Canadian involvement with British Intelligence during WW 2 and then the one strictly
covering Soviet espionage in Canada essentially from 1919 until the 1980's.

The first covers in detail the recruiting of Canadians and foreigners within N America. SIS and the US Office of the Coordinator of Information regarding STS103/Hydra. It covers the operations of SOE to include various Country Sections, MARYLAND, MASSINGHAM, "J" Mission, Special Forces Headquarters, Special Projects Operations Center, No.1 Special Force, Balkan Air Force, KENDALL GROUP and Operation OBLIVION, British Army Aid Group, South East Asia Command and Force 136, Special Operations Australia, Services Reconnaissance Department/Force 137, Intelligence Bureau India and BRISTOL and SIS to include MI6, MI6 and MI9/IS9 to include escape and evasion, Inter-Services Liaison Department, Malayan People's Anti-Japanese Army/ZIPPER along with many working on behalf of very obscure organizations or Missions.

In short a complete story of Canadians in British Intelligence.

It includes the name of every known Canadian involved including those who did not pass through their training schemes. Sadly records surrounding those sent to operate in MI5 are closed.

Ken Joyce

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