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Manuscripts regarding Canadians.

May 4 2017 at 12:36 PM

Response to Two manuscripts

Now I am all 'ears' with regarding to Canadian involvement with British Intelligence during the second world war! I can't wait for you to get publish with your manuscript on Canadian volunteers attached with British Intelligence operations during 1941-1946.

I'm especially interested in KENDALL GROUP (Z FORCE) HONG KONG,. and BAAG(MI9), as well as India Intelligence Bureau, Special Operations Australia, and lastly, E Group MI9 (Escape and Evasion) networks-intelligence etc,.

Canadian participation in British-Commonwealth Op's are often overlook and ignored by most historians etc. Particularly with regards to special forces and intelligence matters that have remained classified until recently.

Not much has been written on No.1 Canadian Wireless Group that operated in Australia from 1944 through early 1946. Several of it's soldiers were loaned to work with Australian Army or British intelligence units in the Japanese occupied(Dutch)Netherland East Indies after the surrender of Imperial Japanese Forces from August-September 1945. Isolated units of the IJF's continued to fight against allied forces in S.E. Asia till late Oct-Nov of 1945.

On a different topic I'd like to mention is on many photo's that are black & white colour, so did Canadian soldiers operating with either Australian, British forces in SE Asia, did they wear a maroon colour beret for those whom were parachute qualified or were they issued a Black beret as Australian commando's were issued with regards to completing Australian Commando course(s),.

I'd thought to ask?

I hope that your work does get published asap Ken! Best o' luck chum.


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