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May 5 2017 at 3:10 PM
Dan Martel 

Response to Here you go.........


Okay, so I'm thinking it's the yellow highlighted passages on the last page which are still confusing us. The last page posted is actually the first page of his record.

The first line is "TOS & post (posted) supy (supernumerary) TS" to No 13A District Depot in Edmonton. Still don't know what 'TS' stands for. (Maybe Temporary Status pending the completion of his enlistment paperwork?) "Post (posted) as replacements for MU" I think means he was posted to the Manning Unit in the Depot which would be a holding unit for personnel prior to proceeding to a Training Centre. For some reason he was transferred to the survey regiment reinforcements for six days prior to leaving for basic training. (Must have been an Army thing.) He was sent to CA(B)TC 132 in Grand Prairie two months after joining.

"SOS ON TRANS TO A1" is what I think it says. Right below that line it says he was attached to CATC A-1. SOS ON TRANS TO A is a stamp. All that was remained was to ink in the number of the advanced training centre to which the soldier was being posted. In this case, A1. He remained there until proceeding overseas in February, 1942.

I think "No ftw" is actually "no PTW." I can't see an acronym with a lower case 'f' and upper case 'TW.' Possibly no paid travel warrant?

Now that I see it in context, I think that WTO may have something to do with his transportation back to England after his injury. On disembarkation in the UK he was TOS from WTO on adm (admission) to hospital. Maybe wounded transport something?

Thanks for posting your dad's record. It was an incredible read of a pretty brave guy.


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