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May 9 2017 at 12:06 PM
Ken Joyce 

Response to Manuscripts regarding Canadians.

Hi Chris

Thanks for the well wishes. Yes, this info needs to be published as these veterans have been completely neglected. There are so many that people are completely unaware of and held positions within British intelligence from top to bottom. Even the involvement of Canadians within their own SF detachments attached to Canadian HQ's in N.W. Europe. Something as basic as the SFHQ liaison between the Canadians and British intelligence units/SAS etc. and resistance forces as First Canadian Army plowed across Europe.

As for the black and maroon berets. After interviewing many of these fellows it basically fell to what was available to them outside of the system. You could say that the only proper "issue" of beret was the denim green jungle berets provided to them by Force 136 however you are correct in that those working with the Australians also wore the black beret and may have scrounged maroon berets. These being the fellows initially intended to operate in China/Indo China and later Sarawak. However the fellows I interviewed that operated in Malaya told me they did not acquire the maroon berets until they transited through the UK on their way home or after their return to Canada. Some also just wore the British/local issue of khaki beret. Not all were parachute trained or involved with the Aussies.

Hope that helps


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