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Thanks man

May 20 2017 at 12:51 AM
Jemal Hamilton 

Response to Canadian DPM Para Smock Origins

Your post cleared up allot of questions I had about the Tanzanian uniforms. I'm a small militaria nerd, and was excited to find my first, and second examples.

What I am still wondering about is use of the Tanzanian uniform by Canadian troops. Did Airborne guys use them? Did troops have the freedom to wear them? The second example I got of these has an a slider from the 30th RCA, which makes me think who ever had it wore it.

Also I have a pullover hooded British patten DPM jacket that has Canadian forces patches and a UN patch. The jacket looks like and 80's private purchase item, again wondering what freedom if any Canadian troops had to wear such things. Can post
Pictures if you want.

Again thanks for your post

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