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Communist Espionage in Canada

June 2 2017 at 9:09 AM
Ken Joyce 

Response to Many thanks!!

Well I have done all I can to get this info published.

I have decided to launch a website that will cover all of this material.

This will include in-depth information on Canada's entrenched bureaucrats who were
either Communists themselves or Communist sympathizers.

It will start at the beginning and relate the FACT that Communism was essentially the worlds first
ideology to desire global power. This predates Mussolini and the NSDAP by 70 years. I will also
prove that Hitler never would have existed as a political force in Germany without the threat of Communism.

It will also include the ENTIRE story on STS 103 / Camp X and its true origins within
SIS and the illegal recruiting of Communists with the intent to hand Eastern Europe to the
Soviet Union.

The site will also include all information I can dig up and post regarding the involvement of
several of Canada's top Liberals and their selling out of our nation. This to include
direct links between those running External Affairs, essentially Canada's Foreign Intelligence Service
up until the creation of CSIS, and Communist agents.

It will also cover in detail connections between Pierre Trudeau and radical political groups and Communists
from his days at Harvard University until he is Prime Minister.

It will also cover the roll of the Liberal and Labour Party in the UK and the Democrats in the US in the spread of Communism.
This is important as it reveals many truths about the post 1945 handling of global affairs to include Eastern Europe, China, Indo-China and Korea. It will also reveal interesting facts behind the creation of the International Monetary Fund, NATO and the UN.

I will let you know when it is up.

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