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Photo of Lionel Guy D'Artois from Second World War

June 23 2017 at 2:30 PM
Dan Martel 

[linked image]

I found this photograph and news article quite by accident while searching for something else. D'Artois was a Canadian member of the SOE during the War. Post-war he would command the Canadian SAS company in Rivers. His name is quite well known to anyone who has researched Canadian Army airborne history.

The photograph above was taken on his wedding day just prior to the Normandy invasion. His fiancée is Sonia Butt, a 19-year old British servicewoman who was also a member of the SOE. Both husband and wife would parachute into France to assist with the invasion but on different missions.

After the war Guy and Sonia moved to Canada. Guy remained in the Army until 1965. He passed away in 1991. Sonia was the subject of a Daily Mirror article in 2014, which can be found here:

She was awarded an MBE for her SOE work. Guy received a DSO.

Interesting to note on the uniform D'Artois is wearing. Full Canadian Airborne Corps accoutrements, but what is the badge on his upper lapels?


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