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June 26 2017 at 10:39 AM
Ken Joyce 

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Ok, I was not really happy to have to resort to putting this up on my website as I think this is important for ALL Canadians to know. It really should be published. After learning what I have regarding our government and their dealings from the 1920's until the present day and the implications of this information with regard to ALL of Canada's foreign policy it sort of puts a massive dent in my 150th Canada celebrations. I suppose you would have to be a Communist to appreciate the things they did. However I was not joking when I stated that this can impact heavily on Canada's involvement in other post 1945 Cold War decisions from our involvement in NATO, the UN in Korea and Egypt to our aerospace industry. In fact the implications are HUGE.

I listed the article on my website under the sub-page Tigers, Partisans and Guerrillas. It is titled...

British Intelligence in Canada and Special Training School 103 - The Truth Behind Camp X - Secret Agents of the Communist International - A Plan to Hand Eastern Europe Over to Stalin's Communists.

Make extra effort to look at the notes so you can be certain that info is derived from first hand documentation.

I have also posted the actual lists of men made by BSC which detail each and every group recruited and trained for operations into Eastern Europe.

You will note that the first group of 16 men was recruited in late 1941 and trained in early 1942. This evidence makes any misunderstanding of what occurred impossible.

This was an illegal recruiting scheme for Communist agents to operate on behalf of Soviet moles within the British Intelligence system. Primarily entrenched in the higher HQ's of SIS and the OSS (which includes BSC) as well as those at SOE Cairo and their Yugoslav Section (D/H). The scheme was to expand to all Eastern European nations within the operational jurisdiction of SOE Cairo.

All this was done with the assistance of Canadians such as Dr. Norman Robertson, Saul Rae, Lester Pearson and Jack Pickersgill and many more. Not only did these men control External Affairs and to a great extent the RCMP during the war but they also remained in control after the war and after the Gouzenko revelations. They strongly influenced the decisions of the PM. Their post war control of the permanent bureaucracy in Canada, to include the security panel (essentially our precursor to a foreign intelligence service along with External Affairs) and their cronies in the media etc. assured they could practically get away with anything. It is little understood by Canadians that the Liberals essentially ran Canada despite who the sitting government was. The permanent bureaucracy rarely changed ideologically. So the penetration of the Liberal Party by Communist's or their sympathizers would be a major victory for the Comintern. It looks like they succeeded.

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