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I'm back with more questions

July 29 2017 at 10:55 PM

Response to A great help

Hello again (Dan),

I’ve finally formulated all my remaining questions regarding my Dads RCA service in WW 2. They are a continuation of the questions and service records I submitted back in May.

1. Would you know what ship soldiers sailed on from Canada to the UK and where they debarked in the UK? My Dad left Canada (I assume from Halifax) on Feb 28, 1942 arrived in the UK on Mar 9 1942.

2. I have a photo of the entire 3rd Medium Regiment (which my Dad was a part of) that was taken in October 1942. According to his service records, my Dad was TOS to 3rd Med on Dec 24, 1942. I am 100% certain he is in this photo. He was on PL from October 15 to Oct 22 1942 so he would have been available to be in this picture. But how could this be since the picture was taken about 2 months before he was actually TOS? Did soldiers have advance notice of what regiment they would be posted to?

3. On his blouse he had a shoulder patch with the letter "L". According to Michael Dorash's book "Dressed to Kill" (awesome and extremely helpful book btw) it is a "skill-at-arms badge - Layer RCA. I understand that means Gun Layer but can you elaborate a bit on what duties would be involved in this position?

4. Is there any way to find out where the 3rd Medium Regiment was situated on the night of Feb 8, 1945? My Dad was injured that night and I’m very curious to know exactly where that was. We know he was still in Holland as my Mum always said it was "spitting distance from the German border" and we also know that he never made it into Germany. He was evacuated that very night. I found some information on your website that says "The fighting in the Rhineland began with the launch of VERITABLE on 8 February 1945". I don't know if he was part of that particular operation but if he was, do know where they were just before crossing the border?

5. I'm having some difficulty following/understanding the TOS and SOS changes on the last few entries on his service records. I am typing them exactly as they are entered in hopes that you might be able to decipher.

SOS To 1 Adm Trp Coy –Sept 30 1945
TOS from 2 CGRU - Oct 1 1945
SOS to 2 Mac Increment 1 CATC RCASC - Oct 2 1945
TOS from 1 CATC RCASC - Oct 3 1945
SOS to 7 Cdn Repat Dep – Oct 15 1945
TOS from 1 admin Trp Coy - Oct 16 1945
He remained at 7 Cdn Repat Dep till he left UK in Jan 1946.

It should also be noted that these are “modified duties” assigned to him after his discharge from Bassingstoke Neurological and Plastic Surgery Hospital. Prior to his injury he had a L/Bdr appointment starting Aug 5 1944 and ending in May 1945 (after injury). I understand about the L/Bdr appointment as you explained it nicely in my last set of questions.

What is the difference between 1 Adm Trp Coy and 2 Mac Increment 1CATC?
It looks like he was with 1 CATC RCASC for only 1 day - am I reading that correctly? Seems like such a short time so why bother?

How was 7 Cdn Repat Dep different from 1 Cdn Repat Dep,(he was at this one in May) where was it located and what would he have done there?

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at these many (difficult to answer) questions. I know I’m asking a LOT so any help, answers, advise or suggestions you can provide will be very much appreciated.


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