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Thanks Dan- no rush

July 31 2017 at 11:13 AM

Response to No problem.

Hi Dan, this is a pretty tall order so please take all the time you need. I appreciate you helping me with all this. I know what you mean about life getting in the way of hobbies.

I don't have the Guns of Victory but I do have The Guns of Normandy by George Blackwell and I also have Gunners of Canada by Col G.W. Nicholson. I've skimmed through them but I haven't actually started reading them yet.

Also I really don't know if my Dad was part of that particular operation- I was checking under the history section of the Canadian Soldiers website to see what was happening at that time and the Rhineland was listed. I was just grasping at straws.

I can also tell you that his injury was accidental. According to his explanation on his medical record, (somehow) a cordite charge went off while on a rest period in a dugout. He burned his face and hands.

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