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I do have service/medical records

August 14 2017 at 8:26 AM

Response to Re: I'm back with more questions

I was thinking that MUST be the case - to be working with a unit but not on strength officially. So, thank you for that answer, Kevin.

As near as I can tell from his records (which are a little hard to understand), he seemed to move around a lot. He started out in #1 CARU then #2 CARU. He was TOS to 1st Medium Regiment on June 12 till Sept 16 when he went back to #2 CARU (Canadian Artillery Regimental Unit?) So the #2 CARU is where he was just prior to being TOS to 3rd Medium on Dec 24, 1942. I don't know what the difference is between a CARU and a Regiment. He remained with the 3rd until after his injury.

Thanks for the suggestion to obtain a COI but won’t need it as I also have his medical records which says there wasn’t a Court of Inquiry. BTW, what is LAC?
My dad explains the account of what happened in his own words (pretty neat to read them). The injury he sustained was definitely accidental (cordite went into flames) but it is not known WHY it went off. In the “Statement of Commanding Officer” it says: he was “not guilty of negligence or misconduct with regards to this accident” so that's good to know.

There is some conflicting information regarding the accident. On the "Field Medical Card" (filled out at the time of the incident) it says "Cordite burn while firing guns in action" But in the "5th Canadian Field Dressing Station" report it says "Cordite exploded during a rest period while in dugout" So we can’t be sure EXACTLY what happened and I guess we’ll never know.

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