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Another BIG question

August 20 2017 at 8:22 PM

Response to Clarifications

Hi Kevin.

You inadvertently opened up a huge question I have had for a long time but have hesitated to ask as I think the answer is going to be complicated. Ultimately, I’m trying to get a better understanding on what (??????) my Dad worked for. ie Army, Unit, Regiment, Corps, AGRA, etc)

You spoke of the 2 Cdn AGRA. I understand that my Dad would have been in that group.

But I have a photo of him in his BD blouse which has what I believe to be a FORMATION patch on his shoulder that suggests he may have been with the II Cdn Corps – It’s a solid triangle (most likely blue but can’t say for sure as the photo is black and white) without any letters or zig zags. Additionally, he was with the 3rd Medium Regiment so I’m wondering why his formation patch wouldn’t have been the red one with the blue center and the red zig zags.

Here's my BIG question:

What is the difference between and the definition of all these Groups (Army, Unit, Regiment, Corps, AGRA, etc) and could my Dad have been attached to ALL of them?

Any insight will be most appreciated.


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