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Special Training School(Camp X)British Security Coordination.

November 13 2017 at 1:52 PM
Chris Furlotte 

I've recently came across this little gem of a documentary cinema clips, with rare interviews of the heads of British-Canadian 'Special Operations' in the America's during the second world war. 1941-1945 What's more striking is some of these photos and interviewers I've seen before until very recent. Sir William S. Stephenson former MI6 (S.I.S.) agent/operative in the 1930s and head of British Security Coordination Ops across the American continents during this time, and contributions to his efforts in making this possible by major security and special operations officials in this movie. Again I want to stress that there is rare old cinema on camp X and the head that organized special operations training and clandestine warfare in Canada, as well as signal communications after the war as well too.

Pity they don't have this DVD for sale anywhere in Canada that I'm aware of? Not even the Canadian war Museum nor Canada Film Board either!?

Here are some of the links provided.

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