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Canadian II Corps/!st Polish Armoured/RA connection

February 3 2018 at 4:51 PM
Simon Veness 

Response to First Canadian Army

Hello again Dan

After a l-o-n-g and painstaking piece of research over the last 12 months I think I am closing in on this conundrum, but I'm still casting around for any direct corroboration of the incident in question. With help from his relatives, I have been able to ascertain that 2nd Lt Yates was with the 109th HAA Regiment of the RA, and his regiment worked in ground support of various elements of Canadian II Corps during 1944/45 (especially '45). The regimental War Diary gives us a good steer in general terms but is completely blank for the period April 17-25, when it seems the incident in question took place. We have been able to rule out Oberlangen/Niederlangen as the concentration/PoW camp he mentions, but we are now focusing on the possibility of it being one of the other Emsland camps just to the north (near Papenburg), which means it could be Neulehe or Aschendorfermoor, or another even smaller camp nearby. The regiment was working in support of 2nd Canadian Div from Jan 2 to Apr 25, hence the link to the 1st Polish Div. Would you happen to know of any other (Canadian) sources that might be able to zero in on this incident with this extra info?

Thanks again, Simon

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