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Sten gun Deactivated for sale

December 18 2001 at 12:44 PM
Doug Johnston 

Dewat Sten
FOR SALE: Deactivated Sten Machine Gun MK II Long Branch 1942 in mint condition. Comes complete with clip . Great for any British or Canadian display.$325.00 Canadian funds contact Doug at allergy4@netcom.ca

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Sten legalities in the US

December 18 2001, 5:55 PM 

Was curious if anyone could provide info on the pro's/cons of sten kits for reenactment display purposes?

Specifically, what are the legalities involved in completing a kit with a dummy receiver (solid aluminum, etc) or some of the partially-machined receivers offered at eBay, etc?

Lastly, is there such a thing as a sten non-gun that can be incapable of firing live rounds but still able to fire blanks for reenactment use?

I've seen kits for converting stens to semi-autos and also receiver kits for making illegal, fully auto stens.

I'd like to get a sten for reenactment use but am very wary of US gun laws which are ambiguous, at best, when it comes to this type subject.

I've read a case where a guy was arrested and convicted of owning a machine gun solely on the basis that he had a sten receiver. The fact that the rest of the weapon was not present (the defendant didn't even have anything other than the receiver). How they managed to fire a receiver is a mystery to me but the guy is doing time for it.

I'm looking for legal ways to get a sten, if it's even possible.


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Ian Kotchian

Sten Legalities

December 19 2001, 12:21 PM 

The BATF considers all machine gun parts to be parts are are legal to own except for the Receiver or side plate if you are talking about Brownings (1919s, M2s, etc). If you own a machine gun receiver that would allow for the firing of live or blank ammunition even if you are missing the rest of the parts, you are in violation of the law and can be prosecuted. The BATF considers blank only guns to be illegal unless properly registered. The safest way to get a dummy sten is to buy it from a dealer complete. I personally like to have my dummy guns obvious. Niether my Sten nor my Bren can be cocked and the charging handle is welded so it cannot move. Be aware that your state may have laws restricting the ownership of machinegun parts, Washington and California come to mind. Both States have confusing laws, I know the California law pretty well if you are interested please E-mail me. Also to remember that Deacs from Canada and Britain are illegal in the United States. I hope this clears up some of the confusion.

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crossing the border

December 21 2001, 2:24 PM 

What are the laws on taking a blank firing sten to a renactment, in the states-from Canada-and return-is it bad going in-or coming back.

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John Cameron

Not a chance

December 21 2001, 4:12 PM 

It would be so bad either way. A blank fire altered Sten is illegal in Canada, unless it is registered. Even a registered Sten would be virtually impossible to temporarily import into the US. Essentially the same situation exists in the U.S. The result in Canada or the US would be:
"Terrorist caught at the border importing machine guns. Film at 11".

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Paul Harrison

Sten MK II

December 18 2001, 8:44 PM 

Doug, I saw your "add"
Is there anything you need that you might trade.
I have a fairly good collection of WWII Canadian, and may be able to work something out?
Over to you.

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