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Help - desperately trying to find my grandfather.

July 16 2008 at 10:39 AM
Yvonne Kirk 

Please, please can anyone help me. I am trying to find my grandfather or at least any members of his family and I'm struggling to find anything relevant on the internet to help me in my search for him.

My grandfather (David Mcavoy) was I believe, a member of the Canadian Forestry Corps during WW2. He was posted to the Highlands of Scotland (where I live) during WW2 and left Scotland towards the end of 1944.

The only other information we have about him is that he returned to Canada in 1944, married and had 4 children.

I don't seem to be able to find any lists of people who served with the Canadian Forestry Corps to confirm he served with them.

Sadly, we don't even know if he is alive but I am determined to try and find him or any of his family if I can.

Please, please, if anyone can give me any help at all it would be really, really appreciated.


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A.J. Lockard


July 16 2008, 3:56 PM 

What makes you think he wants to be found? If a lonely Canadian sired a child out of wedlock because of the war and came home oblivious to his familial duties or unaware he had a family, so be it.

But isn't it an invasion of his privacy to post his name on the internet and call him out, if in fact he realized he left a child behind and simply does not want to be identified, or is embarrassed by what he did, or just plain wanted to resume his normal life and had perhaps even reached an agreement with the mother of the child that it would be best that way?

Especially if she was already married to a British serviceman also far from home...

This simple request raises a lot of complex issues. I guess the over-riding gut reaction would be that if the grandfather had wanted to be found, he probably would have by now?

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Alex Itenson

Re: Privacy

July 17 2008, 6:19 AM 

AJ - That's kinda harsh, isn't it?
After all, she's only trying to find her father.
Besides, times have changed. People are not as sensitive about
matters such as this as they were fifty or sixty years ago.

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i agree Alex

July 17 2008, 7:04 PM 

very harsh words...............

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Yvonne Kirk

I don't disagree.......

July 17 2008, 4:19 AM 

I don't disagree with some of what you have said, however, this man, my grandfather, returned to Canada and started life anew, married and had 4 children - but what about the child he left behind? What about her questions? What about her wondering why her father never came back to see her? What about her? Does she not deserve the opportunity to see her father and hold him should we be fortunate enough to find him still alive? She did not afterall ask to be born into this situation, it is not of her making.

I accept that he chose not to return for whatever reason, but that does not make it any easier for her, his child that he left behind and appeared to never give a second thought to.


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Christopher Furlotte

War Babies of Canadian Soldiers.

July 17 2008, 5:42 AM 

Dear Yvonne Kirk,
I have a few links that may assist you in providing some information on this subject,if nothing else they may know who to contact for futher information on this subject!




Can you get a book called "The Sawdust Fusiliers" (The Canadian Forestry Corps in the Scottish Highlands in the Second World War.)by William C. Wonders ISBN 1-895288-14-2

It may provide his unit number or give at least further information for you on this quest! 2 of my great uncles were with the CFC and were based in Northern-Scotland during the war.

Best luck to ye!

Slainte mhath!!

Christopher Furlotte

PS "Scots Wae Hae"

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Yvonne Kirk

Thank you so much

July 17 2008, 7:05 AM 

Thank you for the really helpful info - I will certainly persue the links you have given me and the book you mentioned would be good to get.
I really appreciate you taking the time to respond.
Kind Regards

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Christopher Furlotte

Greetings from Canada!

July 17 2008, 9:09 AM 

Aye Yvonne,
Glad to be of assistance!If I find anything else, that might be helpfull, I'll pass it along to ye.
Both of my uncles loved being in Frae Bonnie Scotland, from what my uncle told me and my grandfather as well....so well in fact that both of them married Scottish Lass's and brought them home with children too after the war!

Best 'o luck to ya's


Chris Furlotte

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Christopher Furlotte

Hi Yvonne.

July 30 2008, 3:36 PM 

Here's another website that you may find useful?




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