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W.O. William "Bill" Eade AATTV

August 25 2010 at 10:33 PM
Christopher Furlotte 

I was very curious about Clive Laws last post mentioning about a Canadian serving in the AMF, (Australian Military Force) in South Vietnam!? I'd like to still obtain his name and serial number if at all possible? No pressure, just really curious about this individual, and his tour there.

Here's what I've discovered recently about an Aussie who traveled overseas and volunteered for the British and Canadian Army, before returning to 'Oz' and joining the AMF as a MP and then served as a Infantry Advisor in SVN! He was assigned to the AATTV (Australian Army Training Team Vietnam) was the most highly decorated unit in the AMF during it's time in South Vietnam, 1962-1972.


Here's more on the AATTV.


I'm trying to see just how many 'Canucks' served in the AMF during this era?

Oh ya, I got a chuckle out of the nicknames of this unit! (One movie just recently out ie, The Expendables etc.)

1. "The Team"
2. "The Expendables"


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Christopher Furlotte

Canadian Manufactured Beret. AATTV. 1970's

August 26 2010, 10:51 PM 

While researching on the AATTV, I saw this interesting piece of kit, and thought to post it here for those who are interested!?


There were also several other pieces of military kit manufactured in Canada, and were issued to The Australian Military Force on active service operations in S.E.Asia ie, Borneo,Malaysia,Republic of South Vietnam, and the Khmer Republic or The République Khmère-Cambodia.

1. CF Rifle Green Beret, Unofficial beret for the AATTV.
2. Mk 1 Combat boots, manufactured by Dunlop Co. Ltd of Australia. (From the original Canadian Pattern in 1962-63.)
3. O.D.Webbing Pistol Holster, manufactured by Canadian Defence Industries.
4. 1937 Pattern webbing Canadian Made and issued in vast quantities to ANZAC Forces during The Second World War. Used in South Vietnam by the 1 Australian Task Forces in Phuoc Tuy Provence.


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Christopher Furlotte


August 27 2010, 9:11 PM 

A number of Canadian Foreign & War Correspondents have attached themselves not only to the U.S. Forces while reporting news stories about the war, as well, a small number of them also have been sent to the 1st Australian Task Force at Nui Dat, in Phuoc Tuy Province, South Vietnam.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a number of photographs and cinema clips covered by our national news agency, The CBC.(Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.)








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Bill Eade Bio

September 9 2010, 12:51 PM 


I was able to obtain an unofficial biography of Eade with special emphasis on his service with the AATTV (2 tours). Unfortunately his service with the Canadian Army seems to have been minimal but it does connect his British and Australian service. An extremely abbreviated bio of Bill Eade follows.

"William Anthony Eade was born in London, England on the 9th August 1926. He enlisted in the British Army during WWII and saw service in the Burma theatre. Some accounts of his WWII service state that he was a Commando. It is likely in this case that Commando is shorthand for Chindit.

Immediately post war Eade emigrated to Canada where he joined the Canadian Army for a short period of service. The Canada experiment was only transitory. Eade moved to Australia and promptly joined the Australian Army as a Private.

Bill Eade arrived in Korea with the 3rd Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment (3RAR) in September, 1950. Eade was involved in the battle at Kapyong in April, 1951. His participation in this battle saw him awarded his first United States Presidential Unit Citation.

Bill Eades first tour with AATTV (1966-67) qualified him for a second US Presidential Unit Citation, making him one of probably less than a dozen Australian soldiers so recognized.

Bill Eade died aged 79 in May, 2006."

There will need to be more digging to determine how and where Eade served in Canada. If I find out anything I will let you know.


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Christopher Furlotte

Many Thanks!

September 9 2010, 1:50 PM 

Really appreciate the short 'bio' on William "Bill" Eade. I was curious to know what unit of the Canadian Army he served in!??
I'm still trying to find out anything else on Canadian Citizens who volunteered to serve in the AMF (Australian Military Force) during the war in 'Nam!?

I've heard a number of former British Soldiers has signed up to join the Canadian Army after immigrating here, during the post war years. One must remember the hundreds of thousands of Brit's left the UK after the war. Mostly to Canada,Australia,New Zealand & South Africa.

Once again, Thank you for sharing this info with me happy.gif


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