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Officers Information Requested

October 10 2014 at 4:23 PM
Paul Harrison 

I'm asking for some help on behalf of an friend.
He has found a named BD (43 dated) to an RCOC Lt Col but part of the name and service number have been blocked out.

Name is Lt Col J.S. Ker??, Svc No is C-346??
Tunic is badges to a staff LT Col, serving in 2 Cdn Corp.
He has the two First War Ribbons, the ED, as well as the 5 Cdn Second War group (F&G).

We're looking at confirming the name, and then trying to search the history.
Any help is appreciated.

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Stu McDonald

Possible source of info on Ker?

October 10 2014, 7:04 PM 

I had a few minutes to check on the following site that many of us use for WWI personnel:


I searched for a surname of Ker* and came up with quite a few Kerr surnames with the initials J.S.

However, if the name has been partially blacked out I think it was probably a longer surname than Kerr. There is a Kernighan J.S. in the database. There may be others, but I'm on to other little projects at the moment. I hope this may help.

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Paul Harrison

Thanks !!

October 10 2014, 7:48 PM 

Hi Stu, I hadn't thought of the First War data base, but it is a great start,

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Dan Martel

The Service Number

October 11 2014, 11:02 AM 


I'll be first to say I'm not an expert, but two things stood out to me in your opening post. First, according to Clive Law's 'Regimental Numbers of the Canadian Army' officers in the Second World War didn't have regimental numbers until early 1945. When they were issued the officer's numbers began with the letter 'Z.'

Second, that's not to say your Lt Col couldn't have had an Other Rank regimental number if he had enlisted first and was commissioned later. The regimental numbers beginning with 'C' and in the 34600 range were issued to Active Force personnel enlisting through Number 3 Distric Depot in Ottawa.

Because of the award of the ED I also checked out my copies of the Militia List for 1934 and 1936 and found no record of your subject serving as an officer during this time either in the PF or the NPAM.

Not much but it's all I could find.


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Stu McDonald

Other possibilities

October 11 2014, 11:52 AM 

I checked with John Blatherwick and he can't find in his own extensive records an officer named Kernighan. He also informed me that there is no definitive list of Canadian officers who received the ED.

It could be that Kernighan or Ker* was a CANLOAN officer. Most of these were infantry but many were RCOC. Their service numbers are unique and begin with CDN. However the numbers only go up to CDN 673. Perhaps the battledress was owned by a Ker* CANLOAN officer, although I think only one or two of them achieved the rank of Lt Col or Colonel.

There is an RCOC Museum at St Jean in Quebec. I visited it in 1976 and I think it is still there. Perhaps they could assist.

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Paul Harrison


October 11 2014, 5:44 PM 

I rechecked the ribbons and they are:
Two First War Medals, The Army Good Conduct Medal, The EM, and the 5 Second War gp.
The tunic has four service chevrons, as well as the RCOC and 2 Corp badges.
The name has been partly blanked out, but I estimate it is 5-7 letters. Svc Number is either 4 or 5. After the svc number isd a 2-X that I think refers to 2 Corp.
Lastly the BD collars are faced with the red staff officers gorget emblems.
I'll try the RCOC museum as well.
He may have been with the Brits in the First War, and in the early 40's joined the RCOC with a commission?

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Stu McDonald

RCOC / Logistics Museum

October 12 2014, 10:13 AM 

The RCOC Museum is now part of the Canadian Forces Logistics Museum in Montreal. Hours of operation and telephone number are at:


My mistake in thinking it was at CMR at St Jean sur Richelieu.

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Pete Butler

My DWD 30 Aug

August 17 2017, 12:15 PM 

Hi Paul, trying to invite you to my DWD on 30 Aug. Call me (613-943-7534) if you get this message. Pete Butler.

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