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Records of wounded soldiers in WW1

November 12 2016 at 9:22 PM

My Grandfather was wounded in WW1 and no one in the family seems to know where it was geographically or which battle. Is there any official records available. He was 55th battalion NB PEI

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Dan Martel


November 13 2016, 11:40 AM 

In the library of the Royal Canadian Military Institute are a set of books which lists every casualty of the CEF chronologically (and only chronologically). I had never heard of these until earlier this year when the honorary librarian happened to show them to me. They're kept in the locked area with the other valuable editions in the library's possession.

Anyway, the information on the casualty is pretty detailed, but again, if one doesn't have the date or an approximation of the date under which to check, there's no way to find it short of a page by page search. Unfortunately, neither the librarian nor anyone on the library committee has the time to do a 'page-by-page' for someone conducting genealogical research.

Alternatively you can recover your grandfather's CEF service record online from Library and Archives Canada. His record will show every document generated as a result of his wound. For an online LAC search you will need his personal details. The more you have the easier finding the right file will be.

Good luck,

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Michael Dorosh

Thank you Dan - also check here

November 14 2016, 3:04 PM 

Dan's answer is excellent.

I have a little info on Library and Archives Canada on the site here:


LAC may be able to connect you with an Ottawa area genealogist who can help you navigate the archives - for a modest fee, I suspect.

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