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December 27 2016 at 10:12 AM
Ken Joyce 

I usually do not post on here anymore however I want to bring to your attention the work of 13TH BATTALION PRODUCTIONS.
I am sure some of you are already aware of the items ( FORGERIES ) this person is making and selling. I did a search of
the forum and could not find any comment about this "production" group. I have listed his wares on my website to warn
the collecting public.

If you are concerned about the hobby, I would contact this fellow and make your opinion known. I hope it will be in line
with mine.

I know the entire issue of reproductions on this forum has been flailed to death however things are now getting out of hand.

I advise all on here who collect to check out the catalog of this person to familiarize yourself with what has been done.

I know that seasoned collectors will likely not be fooled however when you read this persons facebook page it is obvious they
do not intend to stop until they have created EXACT copies.

Again this is a FORGERY NOT a reproduction. This person is making NO effort to identify these items as reproduction. With
all the effort to fake British manufactured printed insignia, he or she has made absolutely NO effort to indicate to future
purchasers that these are indeed reproductions.

This is just a warning. It does not affect me, it WILL however affect the innocent collectors today and in the future as time and
wear and tear make it even more difficult to tell.

This person has gone so far as to try to reproduce the haircord backing material.

If this person is a member of this forum, I would like to know what possessed you to do such a thing. Think about what you are doing and have the
decency and morality to MARK THESE ITEMS as reproductions. Otherwise you are a fraudster and only pandering to the unscrupulous and uneducated.

Ken Joyce

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Ed Storey

Forgeries - Reproductions

December 27 2016, 12:29 PM 

Ken, I totally agree with you. Unfortunately not only are there people who are willing to manufacture these fake items, there are also those who purchase them.


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