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Camp X. (STS 103) British Security Coordination.

April 13 2017 at 1:51 PM

Here's a worth while project to contribute too! Canada's secret role during the second world war. Canadian involvement with British intelligence operations in the 'America continent' can't be over stated.



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Re: Camp X. (STS 103) British Security Coordination.

April 15 2017, 9:58 AM 

Chris, I helped to run the true Camp X museum ( STS 103) in Whitby, not the one in Oshawa, that help many questionable "Camp X artifacts"

I know the author that is spearheading this, he does not like me as we were not part of "his" group, yes the back stabing egos still exsist, even when their is a project that many groups or people want to see happen.

This is the 3rd time this has been put forward ( That I know of)

I would be very willing to give my time and efforts to make this happen, hell I am the one that out on the displays at the original site for many years, with the support of the CAF and 2 Intel from Toronto, I still have strong ties to them as I am helping them get a display together, and as they are Military and I once was, they get anything I find for my true cost, no charge for the hundards of hours of my research ect

Perhaps if we could work together, they could have some of the Camp X relics I have found, not to mention I think I know where a small hoard may be in the area
Again If I am such a bad guy and am telling crap, why was I a Guest at Bletchely Park years ago with a private tour, and got to start the "Bombe" in front of others.

Yes this must all be saved and a Museum Must be put in place...however the ego of one man, will not allow him to ask others to help

WE Truly must get away from that. And we know it is everywhere in this and evry other hobby


and by the way, I do have a small collection of SOE items, many came from one of those that made these items in the UK... maybe they need a better home that sitting on a dust covered shelf in my home

Dean O
Ajax Ontario

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Camp X Museum-British Security Coordination.

April 16 2017, 7:40 AM 

I hope that some day sooner, rather then later that a Camp X museum that specializes in our countries clandestine and intelligence gathering history is created to show the general public of our historical past and including Cold war era history as well, as Igor Gouzenko affair in 1945. He and his family were given state protection at camp X after the war. I'm sort of surprised that the 150 anniversary of Canada as a country this year that nobody has at the official level, has taken any interest of funding nor supporting at this project what so ever? The RCMP had an important role on supporting this organization during war, and not much is mentioned on their website of it's history nor any support for this project either from the RCMP association for that matter. Hmmmm..'

Several links of interest on this deeply interest topic.





http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/vtg-badge-authorised-service-camp-x-gaunt-ww2-george-cross-intelligence-MI6-/142062033065?hash=item21138e98a9:g:Z7oAAOSwanRXg-xN (Camp X souvenir..!??)




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Camp X, 1st North American Spy Training School

April 16 2017, 11:40 AM 

BTW, Here are a few links on Camp X and it's vital importance in the North American continent of training US Citizens and Canadians on clandestine warfare by British instructors and specialists during the early part of the second world war in Canada. It was operational just prior to the bombing of Pearl Harbour on Dec 7th 1941. The 'British Security Coordination' was really William Stephenson's a "Canadian Private Army"(funded by himself) in Canada working on behalf of the British Intelligence.




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Jon Skagfeld

Camp X artifacts

April 17 2017, 9:24 AM 

There was a fellow named Stewart who had hundreds of "spy" items in a Nissan hut on the Oshawa airport grounds.

I wonder whatever happened to all that stuff after he died.

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Re: Camp X artifacts

April 18 2017, 6:38 AM 

Stewarts colletion was auctioned off a few years back, the truth be told, many of his "spy and Camp X" items were not what he thought they were.
I was asked by A Federal Agency HQ'd in Ottawa to take a look at the list of items they wanted for their collection.
I added a couple of items and removed a couple from that list.

The best piece he had was the Female one piece SOE coveralls that were used when the agents jumped.

They bought that piece


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Camp X (STS 103) collection.

April 18 2017, 9:49 PM 

A deeply interesting website on the Camp X history and it's secret equipment use to train agents/spy's at camp X and also used during overseas missions behind Axis lines. The British Security Coordination operated in all regions of the 'America's 'ie, Canada all the way to South America, Post war photo's of the buildings, prior to it's closing(1969)and destruction in the early 1970's. Oshawa Wireless Station-Royal Canadian Corps of Signals from 1946-1969.



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