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Camp X. (STS 103) British Security Coordination.

April 13 2017 at 1:51 PM

Here's a worth while project to contribute too! Canada's secret role during the second world war. Canadian involvement with British intelligence operations in the 'America continent' can't be over stated.



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Re: Camp X. (STS 103) British Security Coordination.

April 15 2017, 9:58 AM 

Chris, I helped to run the true Camp X museum ( STS 103) in Whitby, not the one in Oshawa, that help many questionable "Camp X artifacts"

I know the author that is spearheading this, he does not like me as we were not part of "his" group, yes the back stabing egos still exsist, even when their is a project that many groups or people want to see happen.

This is the 3rd time this has been put forward ( That I know of)

I would be very willing to give my time and efforts to make this happen, hell I am the one that out on the displays at the original site for many years, with the support of the CAF and 2 Intel from Toronto, I still have strong ties to them as I am helping them get a display together, and as they are Military and I once was, they get anything I find for my true cost, no charge for the hundards of hours of my research ect

Perhaps if we could work together, they could have some of the Camp X relics I have found, not to mention I think I know where a small hoard may be in the area
Again If I am such a bad guy and am telling crap, why was I a Guest at Bletchely Park years ago with a private tour, and got to start the "Bombe" in front of others.

Yes this must all be saved and a Museum Must be put in place...however the ego of one man, will not allow him to ask others to help

WE Truly must get away from that. And we know it is everywhere in this and evry other hobby


and by the way, I do have a small collection of SOE items, many came from one of those that made these items in the UK... maybe they need a better home that sitting on a dust covered shelf in my home

Dean O
Ajax Ontario

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Camp X Museum-British Security Coordination.

April 16 2017, 7:40 AM 

I hope that some day sooner, rather then later that a Camp X museum that specializes in our countries clandestine and intelligence gathering history is created to show the general public of our historical past and including Cold war era history as well, as Igor Gouzenko affair in 1945. He and his family were given state protection at camp X after the war. I'm sort of surprised that the 150 anniversary of Canada as a country this year that nobody has at the official level, has taken any interest of funding nor supporting at this project what so ever? The RCMP had an important role on supporting this organization during war, and not much is mentioned on their website of it's history nor any support for this project either from the RCMP association for that matter. Hmmmm..'

Several links of interest on this deeply interest topic.





http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/vtg-badge-authorised-service-camp-x-gaunt-ww2-george-cross-intelligence-MI6-/142062033065?hash=item21138e98a9:g:Z7oAAOSwanRXg-xN (Camp X souvenir..!??)




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Camp X, 1st North American Spy Training School

April 16 2017, 11:40 AM 

BTW, Here are a few links on Camp X and it's vital importance in the North American continent of training US Citizens and Canadians on clandestine warfare by British instructors and specialists during the early part of the second world war in Canada. It was operational just prior to the bombing of Pearl Harbour on Dec 7th 1941. The 'British Security Coordination' was really William Stephenson's a "Canadian Private Army"(funded by himself) in Canada working on behalf of the British Intelligence.




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Jon Skagfeld

Camp X artifacts

April 17 2017, 9:24 AM 

There was a fellow named Stewart who had hundreds of "spy" items in a Nissan hut on the Oshawa airport grounds.

I wonder whatever happened to all that stuff after he died.

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Re: Camp X artifacts

April 18 2017, 6:38 AM 

Stewarts colletion was auctioned off a few years back, the truth be told, many of his "spy and Camp X" items were not what he thought they were.
I was asked by A Federal Agency HQ'd in Ottawa to take a look at the list of items they wanted for their collection.
I added a couple of items and removed a couple from that list.

The best piece he had was the Female one piece SOE coveralls that were used when the agents jumped.

They bought that piece


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Camp X (STS 103) collection.

April 18 2017, 9:49 PM 

A deeply interesting website on the Camp X history and it's secret equipment use to train agents/spy's at camp X and also used during overseas missions behind Axis lines. The British Security Coordination operated in all regions of the 'America's 'ie, Canada all the way to South America, Post war photo's of the buildings, prior to it's closing(1969)and destruction in the early 1970's. Oshawa Wireless Station-Royal Canadian Corps of Signals from 1946-1969.



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Ken Joyce


April 30 2017, 11:48 AM 

Chris knows that I have been working on some controversial information on STS 103. To date I have gathered literally thousands of documents on the facility in coordination with a researcher in the UK to include volumes only released over the last 10 years. This includes every available record of personnel passing through the camp and the operations they were sent on.

I have sought a publisher all over the globe and no one is interested in taking on the project. I always get the same reply and if you can believe it they claim it is too narrow a subject matter.

The main reason they do not want to take it on is because the actual truth behind one of the main reasons for the camp has been deliberately hidden. In fact it is actually tied in with Gouzenko and involves top members of the Liberal Government and their dealings with the Canadian Communist Party. In fact if the entire truth was
told it could completely destroy the legitimacy of the leaders of the Liberal Party of Canada and its bureaucratic regime beginning in the 1930's.

This is not speculation or hearsay, the entire story has been locked up in the UK unbeknownst to those involved in Canada.

The transparent Trudeau government of today is not so transparent. In fact they are about as transparent as a brick wall.

I have been fighting for years now to have records of the Minister of Justice and RCMP released that directly deal with the King, Pearson and Trudeau Governments and their direct involvement with Soviet espionage in Canada. It is little understood that despite the Conservative governments of Diefenbaker and Clark, practically the entire government bureaucracy, to include Canada's intelligence service ( actually External Affairs and later Security Panel ) were entirely controlled by Liberals suspected ( and I have proven) to be closet Communists. The implications of this are colossal. From Canada's foreign policies after WW2 to projects like the Avro Arrow. The vastness of the implications are incredible and also explain why today we have a Prime Minister that stated quite clearly that he has an "admiration for the basic dictatorship of Communist China."

This attitude goes way back to before WW2 and is directly implicated in one of the original reasons for the creation of STS 103 and its original project. It was not to recruit personnel to work for the western allies. It was to covertly recruit personnel on behalf of the Soviet Union and Communist International in order for them to infiltrate Countries in Eastern Europe to link up with local Communists with with ultimate goal to assist the Soviets. The operation was coerced by members of SIS and SOE who were in essence Soviet moles. At the top were personalities like James Klugmann, Kim Philby, and a cavalcade of others working for the Soviets. Again, this is not speculation or some political bias, I have proven this by the time line of documents and recent research and releases from archives to include those in Eastern Europe and Federal Archives of Russia.

Directly implicated in Canada are top members of External Affairs and other Government offices completely controlled by the Liberal brand. Many would go on to control Canada's intelligence apparatus and two would go on to become Prime Minister of Canada.

Authors and researchers have brought aspects of this forward before. However my evidence goes back further than the so-called cold war. A war which truthfully began with the creation of the Communist International in 1919.

Gouzenko is more of a pivotal figure than most people realize. His defection took these so-called Liberals completely by surprise. However he was effectively silenced. Rather than move forward with the revelations brought forward by Gouzenko, Soviet archives reveal that Soviet espionage rapidly increased in Canada after Gouzenko defected and that Canada was effectively used as an open door to gathering intelligence on both Great Britain and the United States. To the KGB, Canada was a soft target and they were getting assistance from people close to the ruling Liberal regimes. Again the implications are tremendous. All the debate of why Canada scrapped the Avro Arrow and foreign policies from Canada's involvement in the UN, Korea and Nato to Trudeau's direct involvement in kicking Taiwan out of the UN in place of Communist China, all these things now take on a more sinister and dark patina.

It is obvious that any effort by the Soviets to infiltrate western governments would target those in political movements that they could influence and control. The Canadian Communist Party was too overt and their ploys would become more obvious if they attempted to infiltrate any conservative movement. The Liberal Party of Canada becomes the obvious choice. This plot began in the 1920's and played out exactly the same way the Soviets recruited top intellectuals and their students at Cambridge and Oxford. Most of those implicated in Canada attended these schools in the 1920's and 1930's.

I can safely report that our transparent Liberal Government of today has refused access to 95% of the evidence in Canada. From records still held by the Minister
of Justice to records created by the RCMP. These records go back as far as late 1930's and include Cabinet documents, several Royal Commissions and RCMP investigations. In a seedy agreement between Joe Clark and Pierre Trudeau it was agreed that files such as the RCMP Featherbed investigation be permanently closed after Clark became PM in 1980. They were to be closed for an additional 20 years. Well that was approx 17 years ago. The bulk of the investigation remains permanently closed. No ATIP or protest has opened them.

I also just received word from the Minister of Justice that they cant answer this very important question. After reading the War Measures Act, I immediately became suspicious of the powers of the PM under such an Act. The powers of the PM are not made perfectly clear. It briefly discusses powers of censorship and other powers relating to control over various departments of the government. So, when Trudeau implemented the WMA during the FLQ crisis, did that give him sweeping powers to
purge documents relating to prior investigations and commissions ? We know for a fact that many of these records were indeed purged. I was essentially refused an answer. According to the Minister of Justice there are no documents that explain the extent of the powers of the PM during the implementation of the WMA which pertain to his control over the documentation of Government departments. I find that difficult to believe. If this is true the implications there are also worth contemplating.

So, in conclusion I hope many on this forum will ask themselves why no one in publishing or the media or even the government find this information of interest. No one has even asked to see the evidence I have. There is no doubt that members of the Liberal Government of Canada and those representing them as permanent bureaucrats are implicated in efforts by the OGPU, GRU, NKVD, KGB and the Canadian Communist Party to undermine the people of Canada, the efforts of the western allies and to set up Communist regimes in Countries like Austria, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Italy, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary.

Despite the refusal by the Canadian Government to assist me in uncovering the truth, my manuscript is almost done. I dont need that information to prove what occurred during the war or even up to the election of Joe Clark. However I can help but wonder what must be in those files that the Government does not want the Canadian public to know. The excuse that the sordid sexual escapades of many government employees are the reason for the ban holds absolutely no water. It would therefore be the job of ATIP to redact that information and supply the unrelated, non-personal facts. They simply refuse to do that.

Ken Joyce

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Ken Joyce

Joe Clark

April 30 2017, 12:08 PM 


Clark became PM in 1979, I meant to say that the agreement to close investigative files was made before Trudeau returned as PM in 1980.

Here is an overview of the press's perspective on the matter at that time...

Montreal Gazette story dated 11 October 1979, “In a secret Order-in-Council issued in his last days as Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau ordered all the police intelligence files on him and his Cabinet colleagues be sealed for at least 20 years, the Gazette has learned. The files were part of a top secret investigation called, ‘Operation Featherbed’ that was started by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in the early 1960’s [actually 1950’s]. Prime Minister Joe Clark agreed in a letter dated June 2 that Trudeau’s final Order-in-Council would be respected, an undertaking which has angered some Conservative MP’s. Repeated efforts by Trudeau and other senior Liberals to gain access to the Featherbed files were turned down by the RCMP security branch. But senior members of the security service have told the Gazette that the file includes material on the private lives of influential Canadian figures, their past political affiliations, contacts with agents of foreign powers, private weaknesses or vices and even sexual practices. Trudeau’s decision to issue an Order-in Council sealing this Featherbed material just four days after the last federal election, but while he was still Prime Minister, also brought sharp rebukes from his former Cabinet colleagues...”

So not only does this heap a pile of additional suspicion on Trudeau but also makes one ask what the RCMP also had on the private lives of many Conservative politicians for Clark to agree to such an incriminating agreement. It is possible that not only the RCMP investigation had info on the private lives of politicians but it is also likely that the KGB held incriminating evidence. By 1979 the KGB were everywhere in Canada.


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Re: Joe Clark

May 1 2017, 12:11 PM 

I am very happy to see that we let insane people post here, I have been involved with Camp X for many years and have had access to papers that are not common knowledge.,not by me but by others, but I have read them...this guy is just fuck&ng nuts

Nothing more to be said!!~!!~

Dean O

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F-in nuts

Dean the Expert

May 1 2017, 1:21 PM 

Ok Dean

Here are some important questions I want YOU, Dean the expert, to answer.

1. What does Project "J" actually stand for ?
2. Who specifically was assigned to recruit prospects for Project "J" ? Who were their leaders and what political organizations were they working on behalf of?
3. The first men for Project "J" were recruited in what country under what civilian organization?
4. When were the first recruiters assigned and if you can answer that, when did Germany invade the USSR? Was the USSR and ally before the German invasion?
5. When did the first Project "J" recruits arrive at STS 103?
6. Who were men in Project "J" being recruited for overseas? What sections of SIS and SOE ? who were their leaders?
7. Was the PM and Minister of National Defense told of this recruiting scheme and its exact goal? Was External Affairs aware?
8. How may of these "leaders" in SIS and SOE would later be convicted, later revealed or admit themselves that they were working for the Soviets?
9. How many men recruited under Project "J" terminated their involvement with SOE/SIS on arrival in theater only to disappear into the ranks of, for example, the Jugoslav (ooops gave you a hint there!) National Army only to appear after the war as top members of Communist political and military movements in Eastern European Countries?
10. Who was James Klugmann? What was he in charge of ? What did he admit to doing after the war? what was his relation to the so-called Cambridge Five?
11. Who was Kim Philby? What Sections did he work for/run from 1941-44? Were any of his bosses suspected or convicted of working for the Soviets?
12. Do you honestly believe that the USSR was an ally of the west ?

When Dean gets back to us with the answers to all these questions it will likely mean that if he truly knows anything about STS 103 he will issue an apology.

Ken Joyce

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Ken Joyce


May 1 2017, 2:05 PM 

While we are on the subject of "Canadians" that trained at STS 103, Here is another question DEAN.

How many of those recruited in Project "J" were actually "Canadian" ?

How many of the later French Canadian Groups who were obviously "Canadian" actually went overseas on operations?

Who owned the land and actually ran the school? The Canadians?

What was the first British code name for the British Mission to Canada to run the school? Seen any of those documents?

The fact of the matter is, more actual "Canadians" of Chinese descent were trained for SIS, SOE, SOA and Indian Intelligence operations
in SE Asia in BC than "Canadians" were trained at STS 103.

A large swath of those trained as part of Project "J" were illegals or not yet Canadian citizens when recruited like
one of their leaders Kovacevich who was not a British/Canadian/US citizen. He was a wanted man along with a few others
trained as part of Project "J".

None of these men fought FOR CANADA! I want you to understand this. They were members of the Communist Party of Canada or USA and fought
for the Soviet Union. This is made VERY PLAIN during their Communist Party of Canada plebiscite when it was declared that they would not
fight for the criminal regime of the M King Government and only for the spread of Communism under the over all control of the Communist

Dont believe me! Just ask and I will provide you with the Library and Archives and British National Archives sources.

Ken Joyce

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John Sliz


May 1 2017, 2:26 PM 

I am willing to read your manuscript when it is done. However, I am not sure what to think about it all. On one hand, it is easy for me to believe that a politician or two could be bought by the Russians, but to say that an entire political party has been corrupt since 1930 is unbelievable. Still, I am looking forward to reading your evidence and I will keep an open mind.

Remember what was happening in Tehran when Joe Clark was PM. Trudeau pulled a dirty trick, which ended his term as PM. Maybe this is what Trudeau wanted covered up. I only found out about this when I watched, `Our Man From Tehran'.

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Ken Joyce

Liberal Party

May 1 2017, 3:45 PM 

Hi John

I dont think I said the entire Liberal Party. What I was referring to was that those at the top of decisions being made by King during the 30's 40's etc. were ALL investigated for ties to Communism and foreign agents. They being, Jack Pickersgill, Norman Robertson, Lester Pearson, Saul Rae and a cavalcade of others. It is very difficult to understand what King actually knew about all this. As far as STS 103 is concerned, he was told absolutely nothing about the recruiting of Communists nor was Ralston and many in the Military. They were simply told that it was a training camp for British para-military operations. The recruiting was handled by External Affairs ( three of the men listed previously) and the RCMP.

Obviously there were many in the Liberal Party that had no clue this was going on. But as the years progressed, the Liberals became more and more left. As I mentioned, the Liberals were an obvious target of the Soviets. Just read anything from OGPU, GRU, NKVD or KGB defectors or the Mitrohkin Archives publications. Canada was not the only target and the Democratic Party in the US was also heavily hit. It was the Communist International, it was indeed international! In fact it has now been proven that top members of the OSS were also working for the Soviets and there is the famous unresolved charge that the head of SIS during the Gouzenko period was a Soviet mole.

It is not a surprise to me how completely ignorant Canadians are to this information. After all, once Trudeau became PM he recruited all of his Communist friends at Cite Liber to run the CBC, National Film Board and helped place more into prominent positions within newspapers and magazines. This is all on the record folks, just get off your ass and do the research. The 1960's was a period when the world's media took a violent surge down the road of leftist fantasy and we are all dealing with that now. This pushed along by the drug culture and how "cool man" it was to be a revolutionary no matter how many millions it exterminated. All with the aid of the KGB. I suggest you listen to the lectures by KGB defector Yuri Bezmanov.

I dont need archives documents to prove Trudeau was a communist, he bloody admits it himself in many of this books and articles. He ran a Communist newspaper for God's sake! He WAS TAKEN ON BY THE PEARSON GOVERNMENT. Pearson and Robertson were directly responsible for the lifting of the ban on the Communist Party and also directly responsible for the recruiting of Communists in Canada for STS 103. It just goes on and on and on....

Ken Joyce

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Very Sorry

May 2 2017, 7:02 AM 

I just wish to say I am very sorry for my comments regarding Ken Joyce's concept of what Camp X or STS 103 was all about.
That was not the way to disagree with his ideas

I have never stated I am an expert on Camp X, just that I was with the Historical Society for many years and helped run the Museum that was in Whitby. not the Bob S Collection.

I have had the oportunity to see documents ect that are not in the public domain, so, yes I feel that I may know more about the camp than many others

I have not heard of many of the things brought forward by Mr Joyce, that does not mean they are not correct, however, again I had not heard of them and coming out of left field the way they did, rather blind sided me

Documents that are public domain tell us this camp was set up to Train Americans in that "Behind the lines" type of warfare, and yes very few Canadians were trained at the Camp.

I will leave this at that.

Again, I am very sorry for the attack I made on My Joyce, that should never have happened.
I can only hope I will be forgiven

Dean O

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Ken Joyce


May 2 2017, 9:06 AM 

Hi Dean

No problem. I do come on strong. That is something I need to work on. This has become somewhat of an obsession.
Originally I simply intended to complete my series on Canadians in Airborne and Special Operations roles. I was
not deliberately trying to find dirt on anyone, it found me. It began when dates and circumstances did not add up. Then
I came across the files of those hired by SIS to recruit Communists in the US and Canada. Those files essentially
prove, from their own admittance, that something not above water was going on. This then led me to what happened in Canada
at the end of 1945 with regard to Gouzenko. I noted that the very same bureaucrats that were involved in this secret Communist
recruiting scheme were also heavily involved in silencing Gouzenko. He was never permitted, under interrogation, to name those
within the Canadian Government that he suspected were either directly involved with Soviet espionage or had strong pro-Communist
sympathies. It was only later in his life that he began to reveal what he knew and his suspicions. Every method that Gouzenko put forward to the
Government ( remember all those in control of intelligence matters remained members of the Liberal Party despite the short changes in government. )
to weed out Soviet espionage was denied.

A good example of how much those in the Liberal Party maintained control over these matters is the
investigation into Herbert Norman. After three supposedly "in-depth" investigations by External Affairs and the RCMP, he was deemed by Pearson
to be clean. This after continual protests by the US and Britain. After a shake up in British Intelligence they revealed that Norman had been a
member of the Communist Party. Pearson continued to block any attempt to have Norman ousted. At that time he was Ambassador to Egypt during the Suez
Crisis. This at a time when Nasser sought the help of the Soviets. The pressure being applied by the US and Britain apparently made Norman commit suicide. The Canadian media, for the most part, referring to McCarthy tactics, stated he had essentially been murdered by the pressure applied by the US. To sum up, we now know that Norman was indeed working for the Soviets. In fact most of those investigated by Senator Joe McCarthy have now been revealed to have been working for the Soviets. Yet we still refer to "McCarthyism" when discussing convicting people without due process. That in itself is also up for debate. The Communists were masters of character assassination.

What truly makes me sad is that most media/publishers etc. will not publish this information strictly on political grounds. They are not interested in the truth, they
simply want to continue to cover this up in order to protect their political bias. Remember that these people were NOT Liberals. They were using the Liberal Party to gain control. Some saw Liberalism as being somewhat compatible with Communism. Remember the NDP did not yet exist. They were a spawn of the Communist Party and the Labour Progressive Party as well as the CCF. Something you will not find the facts about either anywhere. The leader of the LPP being convicted of working for the Soviets.

Time continues to make the deniers look like the politically bias idiots they truly are. As more and more information is released, we learn more and more about
those once thought to be innocent victims.

This is why reading books about STS 103 printed in the 1980's or based on interviews with veterans will not get you the truth. As I mentioned, much of the meat of what was really happening has just been released. In fact I am still waiting for the release of records concerning many of the Italian's trained at STS 103 and I am sure that will also reveal some interesting facts. The SOE service files are sparse. You need to get into SIS and SOE policy files. That is where the real info lurks. Remember that STS 103 was a British camp, the info will be in Britain, not in Canada.

Anyway I really appreciate your apology. There is nothing wrong with being skeptical, in fact I encourage it. There is too much knowledge being denied people
due to the deliberate hiding of the facts. Hunting down both sides of the story and being skeptical is what we need today. That should drive research.



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Soviet & Cuban Operations in North America.

May 3 2017, 10:16 AM 

Interesting posts and observations and comments on Project J, STS 103 (Camp X) and of communist sympathizers in Canada. I really hope that you do get your manuscript published one day as it would be very 'insightful' to read your views and source material on these historical claims you've mentioned here.

I wish you the best of luck in this area! It would prove most interesting to read and speculate on many of these issues etc.

I viewed an old documentary about Soviet, Cuban and Czechoslovak operations in North America and also in West-Germany during the height of cold war era. thought it may prove of some interest to you as well!? The KGB and Cuban DGI had many spies and illegals operating in North America during the 1950's through to 1990. Everything was planned to destabilize democracies in USA and Canada, through subversion, spying, propaganda, and stationing of Soviet illegal operatives from Canada as it was the Soviets main entry point to the USA! The Cuban DGI even operated out of their main embassy in Montreal, Quebec during the 1960's through to the 1980's.








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Soviet Espionge in Canada

May 3 2017, 11:29 AM 

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Ken Joyce

Soviets etc.

May 3 2017, 4:11 PM 

Thanks Chris, that is much appreciated. I will look into those links.

I would like to get this info out there but as I mentioned, no interest. This is for three reasons. One of the only military history publishers in Canada published
a book on the 1st Special Service Force which essentially called me a liar. I have thrown up proof on my website to completely destroy their claim. So the publisher took that personally. The second reason being that I am not a renowned Canadian historian with a Ph.D Lastly, I am a researcher not a writer. While I believe my writing is fine, it may require some work by a publisher to make it flow better. They are not willing to help me put forward a truly definitive history of Canadians in British Intelligence nor do they want to help me educate Canadians on Soviet espionage in Canada. I feel this is not only due to political bias but also because they want to play it safe. All we tend to do in Canada is repeat the same BS over and over again until it is so branded in the minds of the population they refuse to even look at new evidence as it appears from archives the world over. They are breeding ignorance which is obvious in the world today.

The major error made by most researchers is not taking the time to understand the original Socialist movements and their desire for totalitarian control decades before Mussolini and Hitler were even born.

I tried to write a short article on this subject but it is impossible because people will demand proof and that proof takes up space. This especially when you are beginning the story in the 1840's and ending it in the 1980's. I may attempt to shrink the STS103 aspect of it into an article however it too is massive. This is because to understand the main goal of the Communists, one has to relate in detail a prewar and wartime history of Yugoslavia as well as Hungary, Italy, Romania and Bulgaria. To write a short article would mean cutting info and leaving me open to criticism due to the limited evidence I can provide.

So it is a difficult situation.

However what happened in Canada from the establishment of the Communist International until the electing of Trudeau as PM are all linked.

I will figure out something.



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John Sliz


May 3 2017, 9:02 PM 

Like I said, finish your manuscript and then send it my way. If I think that it is measures up then I will help get it published.

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