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correction to 3rd Canadian Armoured Brigade page

April 28 2017 at 9:44 AM
Jack Geratic 

I don't have a contact mail for the web site, but the formation symbol associated with 3rd Armoured Brigade of 1942 needs to be changed, as right now they have the independent style of marking.

Could be wrong, but this unit never was independent, and when created was directly under 4th Canadian (Armoured) Div.
So if a formation symbol is to be associated with it, should it not be the gold leaf on green background?


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Michael Dorosh


May 10 2017, 8:51 AM 

Thanks for the note, I'll have to review this and make the indicated change, as necessary. Will have to go back to my original references and see what's up.

By the way, there is contact info listed on the site right in the header - click CONTACT

Thanks again

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Bruce P

What about cloth title?

May 10 2017, 7:46 PM 

If the 3rd A.B. was under the 4th Division with respect to its unit sign, how does that explain the cloth 3rd A.B. battledress flashes that exist? It seems they were worn for a period so you would expect the vehicle formation sign to have been displayed as well.

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Bill A

Order of Battle

May 11 2017, 5:30 AM 

There definitely was an independent 3 Canadian Army Tank Brigade. And there was also a 3 Cdn Armoured Brigadge. The independent 3 CTB was the one which had the order of battle flipped and the units involved, Grey & Simcoe Foresters, Halifax Rifles, 16/22nd Sask Horse (originally 2 CTB) were transferred to 3 CTB. The original 3 CTB regiments, 1st Hussars, Fort Garry Horse, and Sherbrooke Fusilier Regt were transferred to 2 CTB. Then, in July of 1943, all tank brigades were redesignated and 2 CTB became 2 Cdn Armoured Bde. 3 CTB was not redesignated, as there was already 3 CAB in 4 Cdn Armd Div. (order of battle, Cdn Grenadier Gds, Gov Gen Foot Gds, and British Columbia Regt). 3 CTB was slated for disbandment and became a holding formation until personnel were dispersed and the formation was disbanded Nov 1, 1943.
In answer to Bruce's question, the patches that are extant were actually for the independent 3 CTB. And to confuse matters even more, the original order of battle was the basis of the numbered regimental designations imposed on the 3 CTB patches and 2 CTB patches.

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