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MISG membership

March 6 2007 at 2:50 PM

Response to Ministerial Industry Strategy Group ..................!!!

Lord Hunt (Minister of State for Quality, Department of Health)
John Patterson2 (British Pharma Group & Executive Director, Development,
David Brennan3 (British Pharma Group & CEO, AstraZeneca)
John Healey (Financial Secretary to the Treasury)
Malcolm Wicks (Minister for Science and Innovation, DTI)
Richard Barker (Director General, ABPI)
Simon Best (Chairman, BioIndustry Association & Chairman, Ardana)
Nigel Brooksby (President, ABPI, & UK Managing Director, Sanofi-Aventis)
William Burns (European Medicines Group & President of Pharmaceuticals, Roche)
Haruo Naito (Japanese Pharmaceutical Group & CEO, Eisai)
Ian C. Read (American Pharma Group & President, Worldwide Pharmaceutical
Operations, Pfizer Inc.)
Andrew Witty (British Pharma Group & President, Pharmaceuticals Europe,
Officials from the Department of Health, DTI, DfES, The Treasury, Medicines &
Healthcare Regulatory products Agency, and UK Trade and Investment also attend.
Ministers and officials from other government departments and other representatives from
industry attend as and when necessary.
Annex 1: MISG membership
Ministerial Industry Strategy Group 79
2 Co-chair of MISG 2007
3 Co-chair of MISG 2008 onwards

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