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May 14 2007 at 6:43 PM

Response to Britain becomes a Prozac nation

"Research on doctorsÂ’ habits also revealed that many felt they were prescribing the drugs too often, but did so because patients wanted medication."

Its strange that many doctors' principles aren't applied to Omega 3 and similar when patients point out their preference for it over various drugs.  Cognitive therapy might be hard to get, but Omega 3 is in plentiful supply.


This doctor seems to be an exception:

"Doctors told fish oil can help patients to overcome depression


MORE GPs should be handing out fish oil supplements to depressed patients instead of turning to drugs, a nutrition expert urged yesterday.

Dr Tom Gilhooly, a GP in Glasgow, said his practice now prescribed omega 3 supplements to people with mild to moderate depression, with as many as 60 per cent seeing a major improvement without antidepressants..."


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