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"Rumours" that the polio vaccine contained AIDS - or admission by Merck researcher?

October 11 2007 at 11:30 AM

Response to Must be another 'oversight' on the part of WHO as they don't mention it either

"...from: Clifford Miller, Solicitor-Advocate of the Supreme Court of England Civil Proceedings [Link]

AIDS & Polio Vaccine Cancer Caused by Merck

In a previously undisclosed 1987 filmed interview Merck's chief vaccine researcher and "Father" of modern childhood vaccines, the late Dr Maurice Hilleman, admitted that he introduced the claimed AIDS virus to the modern world. In a separate admission, Hilleman confirmed that contaminated polio vaccines containing cancer causing SV40 monkey virus was given to millions.

The filmed interview was lodged with the US National Library of Medicine by the interviewer, Professor Dr. Edward Shorter, it is now posted on "You Tube" by Dr Leonard Horowitz. The authenticity has been verified by the Alliance for Human Research Protection (AHRP). See below for details from AHRP.

What is not revealed in the interview is that some child polio vaccines continue to be contaminated by SV40 virus. It is claimed by health officials and manufacturers that the amount of contamination has been reduced from that previously in the vaccines. However, the virus is still present in some vaccines.

Whilst Merck may yet dispute the allegation perhaps claiming Hilleman's comments are in error. Those remarks were made in an interview by their own senior employee in a position to know the facts and who was clearly authorised to give the interview. That the interview was deposited in the US National Library of Medicine shows there were no restrictions on its disclosure. In the circumstances, those remarks might be treated as an admission on behalf of the company and if for a legal technical reason they are not, the remarks may prove difficult for Merck to rebut. Accordingly, this email is not to be taken as claiming the video is proof of the allegations and Merck may yet seek to rebut them. ..."

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