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Tamiflu gets significant resistance from winter flu: Financial Times

January 29 2008 at 1:36 PM

Response to Report reveals resistance found to Roche's Tamiflu in Europe

Tamiflu gets significant resistance from winter flu: Financial Times
LONDON (MarketWatch) -- European public health officials have identified significant resistance to the drug Tamiflu, the Financial Times reports Tuesday, citing the European Centre for Disease Control.
The FT says 13% of the seasonal H1N1 flu virus affecting European tested in November and December contained a mutation with high levels of resistance to the Roche Holdings (RHHBY:
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blockbuster. Previous studies have indicated resistance of only 0.4% resistance.
This is the first indication of resistance to Tamiflu, which has been purchased in large quantities by governments around the world as a defense against a flu pandemic.
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