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why hell nurses can prescribe SSRI

June 23 2010 at 11:41 AM

Response to There's not much wrong with real SCIENCE degrees, but 'medical' & 'psychiatric' degrees...

Do Antidepressants have sedative qualities?

Ive just started CBT and the nurse practitioner wants to put me on a anti-depressant with sedative properties.

The only class of AD i can think of that would provide sedation is maybe a tricyclic? As far as i know SSRI's dont at all.

What drug could she possibly be thinking of giving me?

She said something about giving it to me before i go to sleep.. as far as i know AD's aren't given right before bed so it definetley seems that she has primarily sedation in mind; and i doubt that its really a AD that she would be giving me. Thoughts?

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