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Drug Companies Silence Europe. AbbVie put gagging order on EMA re ADRs of Humira

August 9 2013 at 8:48 PM

I can't helping feeling from time to time that this issue (along with a great deal of previous stuff) should be under a general heading of Attempted Genocide by Major Pharmaceutical Companies.

RxISK went to visit EMA a month ago and found that while they thought the HeatMaps showing the distribution of PSSD cases across Europe looked convincing that there was no way EMA could even think about being interestedĀ in the data from RxISK. When it comes to the side effects of drugs EMA have PSSD they are EMAsculated.

The legal action by AbbVie to prevent EMA making clinical trial data available in particular adverse event data risks making them into EUnuchs in the Humiram good and proper.

The only saving grace to the AbbVie action is that it makes the Brand Fascism very clear, whereas GSKs data access proposals are, in this sense, more dangerous.">check-small.png

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