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Debate needs initiating in forums like "Biojest, OpenSociety and other groups"

October 23 2013 at 6:11 PM

Response to 'why would Ian C and Ben Goldacre put names 2 article that feels like a Trojan Horse?'

"...Many people have sensed there is some difference between AllTrials and RIAT. This editorial on the AllTrials side and a talk I was invited to give to the House of Commons All Party Group on Involuntary Tranquilizer Addiction, attached HERE, which brings out some of the RIAT concerns helps to point up the differences. These need resolution. The appearances of differences need to be debated in forums like Biojest. It would be great if any with links to Biojest, OpenSociety and other groups could take this post and help initiate a debate. The issue is RIAT have asked GSK for patient level data for Study 329 and are being refused it. We are being offered a GSK tabulation of the data. Whose side are Iain and Ben on?"

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