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Re: What we want to know about the diagnosis of Aspergers

December 30 2013 at 9:40 PM

Response to What we want to know about the diagnosis of Aspergers

"...This article on the report out on Sandy Hook states that authorities "... tried within the limits of privacy laws to gather information on his medical treatment..."


Which kind of ties up with my nagging suspicion that it may have been 'convenient' for the psychiatrist to have destroyed Adam's records.  Very little medication information (in the report), except for what seems to be an industry plea that it wasn't the drug - it was because his (deceased) mother stopped him from taking the drug - just another version of blaming the medicated for iatrogenic psychosis and hallucinations...and homicides (or the mother who cannot cast further light on the matter as she also became a fatal victim on that day).

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