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TPPs 'wide-ranging effects on medicines...who may produce drugs or transmit information'

February 17 2014 at 2:35 PM
Just as Big Pharma REALLY intend it 

Response to TPP and TTIP enshrine rights of Corporations under International Law

"...In fact, if it were not for WikiLeaks, we would still be unaware of the contents of the TPP.  In mid-November, WikiLeaks published a draft chapter of the agreement and the reasons for secrecy became clear.  This agreement tips the scales in the balance of power between Corporations and the State tipping them firmly in favour of corporations.

The section of the agreement published by Wikileaks focuses on intellectual property, a chapter it chose due to its wide-ranging effects on medicines, publishers, internet services, civil liberties and biological patents. The subsections of the chapter make agreements relating to patents (who may produce goods or drugs), copyright (who may transmit information), trademarks (who may describe information or goods as authentic) and industrial design.  And as WikiLeaks state in their press release:..."

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  1. Pharmaceutical products: "each Party shall protect such data against disclosure" - As in: Paroxetine 329, Zyprexa docs, et al? on Feb 17, 2014, 3:09 PM

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