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'soon after being fined $3 billion, GSK trumpeted endorsement of transparency'

May 21 2014 at 9:46 PM

Response to "Fucked" Re: The new GSMA-ESK remote access [to trial data] system

"...Several months later, soon after being fined $3 Billion, GSK trumpeted their endorsement of transparency by signing up to the AllTrials campaign and declaring their intention to put in place a method to allow researchers access to clinical trial data that would go beyond the wildest dreams of researchers. See April Fool in Harlow, and GSK’s Journey.

Its all to easy to imagine a marketing department figuring that academics don’t have very wild dreams.

When GSK signed up to AllTrials Ben Goldacre rolled over and purred. The BMJ featured Andrew Witty on their front cover as the candidate of hope..."

I think thats also about the same time GSK managed to 'persuade' Save the Children to get into the drug company's increasingly roomy bed.

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