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Hawkins friend said: 'depressed last couple of months & on a BUNCH OF ANTI-DEPRESSANTS'...

December 7 2007 at 1:30 PM

And who better to know what was going on than one of his friends he could talk to with no connection to a mixed up family life or his 'landlady' etc.  A friend who he could talk to and now just comes out with the situation as it was for Robert Hawkins just before the shooting and who is quite clearly unaware of the connection between antidepressants and homicide, and doesn't know that the last thing drug sellers, regulators and some doctors want to see in the news is that this shooter too was on antidepressants, and sees no reason not to mention it.

"One of them, Shawn Saunders, says he never saw something like this coming... although he knew hawkins was troubled. "I was shocked. It didn't seem like something he would do. He was kind of a funny, goofy kid, you know. He's been depressed for the last couple of months and on a bunch of anti-depressants and what not. He got fired recently. Everything kind of sucked for him I guess."

"Omaha Mall Shootings: 10PM Coverage 12/06/07 
By Brian Allen, Robert Wilson, Caitlin Haedicke

Story Created: Dec 6, 2007 at 11:43 PM CST
Story Updated: Dec 6, 2007 at 11:47 PM CST 

Flags across Nebraska fly at half staff for those who died in Wednesday's shootings at Westroads Mall in Omaha.

Six of those killed were employees at the Von Maur store, where the shootings happened.

47 year old Beverly Flynn of Omaha worked there part-time to make money for the holidays.

66 year old Janet Jorgenson of Oomaha was a grandmother of 8.

56 year old Gary Joy of Omaha always had a smile on his face.

36 year old Angie Schuster of Omaha was engaged to get married.

53 year old Diane Trent of Omaha enjoyed working at Von Maurs because of the friendly atmosphere.

24 year old Maggie Webb of Omaha was the youngest victim who lived by the motto "you will only go as far as you let yourself".

Two Von Maur customers were also killed.

65 year old John McDonald of Council Bluffs hated violence, and a had a daughter who survived the 9-11 attacks in New York.

And 48 year old Gary Scharf of Lincoln...who had recently fallen in love with his ex-wife: they were set to be remarried.

Eight lives lost in one horrible day in Omaha, Nebraska.

65-year-old John McDonald died before emergency crews arrived.

McDonald's brother, PJ McDonald, is devastated. "It was a terrible thing. My brother was a gentle soul. If there was one thing that was characteristic of him... it is the fact that, he didn't like violence. He did not take well to any kind of violence."

The pain of what happened is taking hold tonight.

The focus for many has shifted away from here at the mall... the site of so much tragedy... to places of faith and worship... where people have gone to remember the victims.

At St. Leo's Catholic Church in Omaha, fellowship, prayer, and supporting each other were the most important things Thursday night.

"Faith is what helps you through these times. It also gives us hope." Rebecca Carillo worked at Von Maur. "It was important for me to get rid of some of my feelings."

She says the service helped her put this in perspective. "Right now i'm just trying to wrap my head around the fact that God has a plan for everything and for everything there is a season and I think right now is a time to heal and I've kind of worked through the anger."

Time and again we've heard the words this shouldn't happen here and tonight that same sense of midwest neighbor helping neighbor spirit is what a hurting community will count on.

"You don't really want to be by yourself at this time. You want to be around other people who kind of know what you are going through."

Many say what made this so much harder is the time of year when we should all be thinking of what we should be thankful for...several at the vigil say what they need more than anything right now is a lot of prayer.

The investigation continues tonight into the deadly shootings.

Authorities are digging into the background of the shooter... Robert Hawkins.

The Westroads Mall remained closed Thursday.

Funeral arrangements are beginning to be made for the victims.

As a city continues to grieve for their details have emerged about what exactly happened during Wednesday's shooting spree at the Westroads Mall.

Omaha Police still don't know why Robert Hawkins picked the Westroads Mall as his target, but they do know he moved quickly and destructively.

Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman says it was a senseless act of violence that took everyone by surprise. "Like most Nebraskans, I'm shocked, I'm stunned, and I'm still in disbelief. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. Our entire state is grieving."

Nebraska's worst single shooting spree in history was over in a matter of minutes and, according to Omaha Police Chief Thomas Warren, "It doesn't appear there was an opportunity for intervention."

Warren says security cameras captured Robert Hawkins entering Von Maur Department Store... leaving, and then coming back again. "He re-entered the store and appeared to be concealing something balled up in a sweatshirt."

Police believe Hawkins went straight to the elevator, rode it to the third floor, and immediately opened fire.

Investigators say Hawkins was using an AK-47 assault rifle. He fired off around thirty rounds...killing 6 store employees and 2 shoppers...before turning the gun on himself.

Police believe he stole the gun from his stepfather.

 Hawkins had recently broken up with his girlfriend and lost his job at McDonalds.

 In his suicide note, he wrote he no longer wanted to be a burden. Now, he is the cause of so much grief and sorrow. Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey is still in disbelief. "Our city is shocked and deeply saddened by this terrible, senseless tragedy."

Investigators say there didn't appear to be any reason Hawkins targeted the specific victims.

Some of Robert Hawkins friends are talking about him tonight...

One of them, Shawn Saunders, says he never saw something like this coming... although he knew hawkins was troubled. "I was shocked. It didn't seem like something he would do. He was kind of a funny, goofy kid, you know. He's been depressed for the last couple of months and on a bunch of anti-depressants and what not. He got fired recently. Everything kind of sucked for him I guess."

Other friends called Hawkins a "helpful" teen who struggled to overcome depression.

Hawkins had been treated for depression and attention-deficit disorder, and even though he was just 19, he already had a criminal record.

He had been a ward of the state for 4 years...after threatening to kill his step-mother.

According to Todd Landry with Nebraska's Children & Family Services, that ended when he turned 18 last year. "Our custody ended on August 24th 2006 when department custody was terminated by the court. Parental rights are intact and no other children in the family have been or are currently state wards."

Hawkins was sent to at least four treatment centers and group homes for youths with substance abuse, mental or behavioral problems."

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December 8 2007, 1:25 AM 


OMAHA SHOOTING December 2007:

"One of them [Robert Hawkin's friends], Shawn Saunders, says he never saw something like this coming... although he knew hawkins was troubled. "I was shocked. It didn't seem like something he would do. He was kind of a funny, goofy kid, you know. He's been depressed for the last couple of months and on a bunch of anti-depressants and what not. He got fired recently. Everything kind of sucked for him I guess."

List of School Homicides On Prescription

"1966 Charles Whitman, 29, (Valium and Dexedrine) student at University of Texas who killed his wifeand mother then went to the 27 storey high tower of the university firing down at passers-by on the campusand in the city, killing 15 people and wounding 31 others before being fatally shot down by police. Early that year he was prescribed valium when he complained of depression. In March he then saw the campuspsychiatrist and remarked that he was getting urges to shoot people. By summer, shortly before thekillings, he was prescribed Dexedrine.

1986 Rod Mathews aged 14, (Ritalin) beat a classmate to death with a bat.

1988 James Wilson, aged 19, (Haldol, Xanax, Thorazine, Valium) Breenwood, South Carolina, took a.22 caliber revolver into an elementary school killing two young girls, and wounding seven other children and two teachers. James had been on prescribed drugs for 5 years.

1989 Patrick Purdy, 25 (Amitriptyline and Chlorpromazine) in California, opened fire on a schoolplayground killing 5 children and wounding 30 others before killing himself.

1993 Steven Leith (Prozac), teacher of Chelsea, Michigan, shot dead the school superintendent and wounded two others including a fellow teacher. He had been prescribed Prozac after slowly losing his wife to cancer.

1997 Luke Woodham aged 16 (Prozac) who killed his mother and then killed two students at his Pearl Mississippi school, wounding six others.

1997 Michael Carneal, aged 14, (Ritalin) opened fire on students at a high school prayer meeting in West Paducah, Kentucky in 1997. Three teenagers were killed, five others were wounded, one of whom was paralyzed.

1998 Laurie Dann, 30, (Lithium and Anafranil) on a shooting rampage at an Illinois school, killed one child and wounded 5 others before killing herself.

1998 Andrew Golden, aged 11, (Ritalin) and Mitchell Johnson, aged 14, (Ritalin) shot 15 people in Jonesboro Arkansas, killing four students and one teacher, and wounding 10 others.

1998 Kip Kinkel, 15, (Prozac) shot his parents while they slept then went to school and opened fire killing 2 classmates and injuring 22, shortly after beginning Prozac treatment.

1998 Boy in Pocatello, ID (Zoloft) who in seizure activity from Zoloft had a stand off at the school.
See Pfizer internal document on clinical trial participant becoming homicidal on day 11 at:

1999 Eric Harris,17, (Zoloft then Luvox) and Dylan Klebold ,18, (Zoloft & Paxil) in Colombine school shooting at Littleton, Colorado, killed 12 students and 1 teacher, and injured 23 others, before killing themselves.

1999 Neal Furrow, (Prozac) LA Jewish school shooting reported to have been court-ordered to be on Prozac along with several other medications. He was said by neighbours to have loved children.

1999 Shawn Cooper, 15, (An SSRI) Notus, Idaho, stand off at school.

1999 TJ Solomon, aged 15, (Ritalin and antidepressants) high school student in Conyers, Georgia opened fire on and wounded six of his class mates.

1999 Steven Abrams (Lithium) of California rammed his car into a preschool playground killing two children and wounding five. He was taking Lithium under court order.

1999 Todd Smith, 14, (Dexadrine), at his high school in Taber, Alberta, shot and killed one child and wounded another. He had been prescribed Dexadrine just prior to the incident.

1999 Seth Trickey, 13, (Several Prescription Medicines) opened fire at the Fort Gibson Middle School in Oklahoma, injuring 5 students. During his certification hearing, it was testified that “although he seemed to have a model life at home and at school, he suffered from recurrent severe headaches, for which he took several prescription medicines and received treatment from a psychologist for 9 months prior to the shooting.”

2001 Cory Baadesgaard, 16, (Paxil then 300 mgs Effexor) Matawa, WA school standoff. This was not long after being taken off Paxil cold turkey and changed over to Effexor.

2001 Elizabeth Bush aged 13 (Paxil) was responsible for a school shooting in Pennsylvania.

2001 Jason Hoffman, 18, (Effexor and Celexa) - school shooting in El Cajon, California, wounded five. Jason later hung himself in prison. See Homicidal Ideation on page 40 of Wyeths Effexor information at

2001 Mamoru Takuma, 37 (Antidepressants) burst into an elementary school in Osaka, Japan, slashing eight children to death and wounding 18 other children and three adults before unsuccessfully attempting suicide by knife wounds. Takuma told police he had taken 10 times his daily dose of an unspecified anti-depressant before heading out to the school.

2002 Peter Odighizuwa, 42, (Treatment for Depression & Stress) went on a rampage at the Appalachian Law School he attended, killing the dean, a professor and a student and seriously wounding three others. The doctor who first attended the scene described the killings as “executions”. He was the same doctor that had treated Odighizuwa for depression and stress in the previous six months.

2005 Jeff Weise, 16, (Prozac) Minnesota School shootings, killed his Grandfather and Grandmother, and then went on a rampage at the school. He killed a teacher, a security officer and 5 students, wounding 7 others (2 critically), before exchanging gunfire with police and shooting himself.

2007 John Ogdren, 16, (Several Psychoactive Medications) killed 15 year old classmate James Alenson with a knife at Lincoln-Sudbury School, Princeton. He had no history of violence. He allegedly told a teacher, “I just snapped. I don't know why". His lawyer testified that he had been taking “several medications”, had “a history of fairly serious psychological diagnoses and has also suffered from hyperactivity dysfunction for many years” and was also being treated for “Asberger’s

2007 Cho Sueng Hui, 23, (“Medication for Depression”) went on a shooting rampage at Virginia Tech University killing 32 fellow students and injuring 29 others, some seriously, before committing suicide by shooting himself in the head. He had previously shown disturbed behavious and tried to set fire to the school. It was reported that “investigators believe that Cho….had been taking medication for depression”. . Officials stated that “prescription medications said to be related to the treatment of psychological problems” were found among Cho’s effects. A fellow student at Virginia Tech, Karan Grewal, said that on the morning to the shootings “Cho calmly applied lotion, inserted his contact lenses and took his medication” and “He did not seem like a guy that would do anything like this”. (,10117,21577383-2,00.html?from=public_rss)

2007 Pekka-Eric Auvisen, 18, (Antidepressants or Withdrawal) Finland, went on a shooting massacre at Jokela School, killing the Headmistress and 7 fellow students then shot himself in the head and died a few hours later. He had also attempted to set the school on fire. Pekka had posted on a website in Finland that he had been taking antidepressants for the past year and they “made him feel aggressive” and on another occasion that he had “stopped taking the pills at least temporarily”. Not long before the school massacre, he made a video featuring SSRIs, Columbine & Virginia shootings. In the event of the link no longer functioning, a transcript is of that video can be accessed at this url: "

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December 8 2007, 1:32 AM 


 Christopher Pittman, aged 12, (Paxil then Zoloft).  Known amongst family as 'pop-pops shadow' he had always been very close to his grandfather.  Shortly after being prescribed Zoloft he shot both his grandparents dead and burned the house down.  Imprisoned, he waited 3 years for trial, and was then tried as an adult - a practice acceptable in the USA.  [Defence pleaded involuntary intoxication.   Preparing for the expected homicidality-Zoloft link, Pfizer lawyers involved themselves early into the case with prosecution. Jury opted for murder verdict. Ongoing appeal against the sentence lodged]. 

See   PFIZER’s  defense manual  with added comments on some of their tactics evident therein at:   

and the online video regarding Christopher’s case at his lawyers’ site:





Jeff Franklin (Prozac and Ritalin), Huntsville, AL, killed his parents as they came home from work

using a sledge hammer, hatchet, butcher knife and mechanic’s file, then attacked his younger brothers

and sister.


David Hari, aged 43, (Zoloft) Illinois, shot and wounded his wife and shot and killed Jeffrey Thomas. Convicted in 2002 and sentenced to 73 years.      (In January 2006 the Supreme Court overturned the convictions on the grounds that Judge Bernardi erred by not giving the jury instruction on involuntary intoxication.  New trial commenced in March 2006).


Andrew Myers, 28  (Zoloft)  Within  two weeks of starting on Zoloft  he hit a long-time friend in the head with a spiked, pronged brass knuckle-type weapon known as a "ninja key ring" during an

argument.  Attempted murder charges.     (Acquitted - Zoloft induced).


David John Hawkins aged 76, Australia (Zoloft) strangled his much loved wife with no warning. 

(Judge found:  "I am satisfied that but for the Zoloft he had taken, he would not have strangled his



Leslie Demeniuk, Florida, (Zoloft then Paxil) killed her four-year-old twin sons in 2001.  (Trial was put on hold while prosecutors appeal a judge’s ruling that two defence experts could testify that

Demeniuk was “involuntarily intoxicated” and “psychotic” as a result of taking Zoloft and then Paxil,

but in Feb 2006, she was found guilt of 1st degree murder). 


Christopher Bernaiche, 26, (Prozac) of South Rockwood in 2002.  Two days after Prozac dosage doubled, fired wildly around killing 2 men, and wounded 3 others after pool game argument.  (Defense pleaded mentally ill and prozac induced rage, jury verdict 1st degree murder.  Judge has recently ordered a retrial as prosecution withheld info sent to them relating to evidence linking prozac and violence. Retrial Pending)


Donald Schell, (Paxil).  48 hours after starting Paxil, he killed his wife, daughter, granddaughter and

himself.  (Jury found Paxil at cause and ordered GlaxoSmithKline to pay $6.4 million to surviving

family members). 


Merrilee Bentley Australia, (Paxil then Effexor) attempted murder (with suicide) of her young

daughters.  (Judge ruled that Effexor had "gravely impaired" Merrilee Bentley's capacity for rational

thought and action. He imposed a two-year suspended jail sentence and told her she was free to go



Cody Posey, aged 14 (Zoloft) killed his abusive father, step mother and stepsister 2004. [Ongoing: 

Found guilty 2005 and as at February 2006, now aged 16, he awaits sentencing - possibly as an adult.]  

Victor Brancaccio (Zoloft) aged 16, Florida, Learning disability. 2 months into Zoloft & with

increasing hostility and anger, killed a woman who said something which upset him while he was

taking a walk to try to calm down.


Andrew Golden, aged 11, (Ritalin) and Mitchell Johnson, aged 14, (Ritalin) shot 15 people killing

four students, one teacher, and wounding 10 others.


Brian Storey aged 17 (Zoloft).  Described as the All-American boy, Brian killed a woman 5 days after starting the prescribed medication.  Arresting authorities found only Zoloft in his system.  At his trial, the examining  psychiatrist that Brian had described events as like being in a dream, and had suffered a manic reaction to the drug.  Found guilty, he was sentenced to life without parole.


Daryl Dempsay, 35, (Zoloft) stabbed his wife and two children at their home in Burlington, Kan., then shot and killed himself.


Mark Barton, Atlanta day trader, (Prozac) killed his family and others in a shooting spree before taking his own life. 


Neal Furrow, (Prozac) in LA Jewish school shooting reported to have been court-ordered to be on

Prozac along with several other medications. 


Cory Baadesgaard (Paxil then 300 mgs Effexor) in Matawa, WA school standoff.  This was not long after being taken off Paxil cold turkey and changed over to Effexor.

See GSK’s confidential internal memo with its cartoon re Paxil withdrawal agitation at:


Eric Harris aged 17 (Zoloft then Luvox) and his school mate

Dylan Klebold  aged 18 (Zoloft & Paxil)  in Columbine school shooting in Littleton, Colorado, killed 12 students and 1 teacher, and injured 23 others, before killing themselves.  


Barbara Mortenson aged 66 (Prozac) attacked her 81-year-old mother, biting her more than 20 times and leaving chunks of flesh strewn on the floor after being on prozac for two weeks.


Dr. Debra Green (Prozac) Kansas City, MO, set her home on fire, killing her children


Jason Hoffman (Effexor and Celexa) - school shooting in El Cajon, California


Jarred Viktor aged 15 (Paxil), after five days on Paxil he stabbed his grandmother 61 times.

 Chris Shanahan aged 15 (Paxil) in Rigby, ID who out of the blue killed a woman. 

 Matthew Beck (Luvox) shooting at the lottery in Connecticut that left five dead in amurder/suicide.


Edward Leary aged 49 (Prozac, Effexor, and 2 other psych drugs) computer consultant.  Bombings

in NY subway, 50 injured. (Defense pleaded drug intoxication, verdict of guilty, 94 years prison



Elizabeth Bush aged 13 (Paxil) was responsible for a school shooting in Pennsylvania.

See GSK’s other confidential internal Paxil memos at:


Nick Mansies aged 16 (Paxil) in New Jersey who was convicted of killing a 6 year old boy selling

cookies door to door. 


Sue Gray, Orange County, CA (Paxil) who co-workers described as a very caring nurse, killed several

elderly people.


Stephen Christian (Prozac) one of the finest officers on the Dallas Police force, who ran into a

police substation shooting at fellow officers and was killed. 


William Evans (Zoloft) shot one co-worker at the Ohio Bureau of Employment Services before

shooting himself in Columbus, OH. 


Emiri Padrone (Zoloft) smothered her 10 month old baby girl with a soft toy then committed suicide by

stabbing herself  in the chest with a knife.  She was under psychiatric care and prescribed Zoloft.

See PFIZER’s confidential internal document recording a patient being withdrawn from a Zoloft

clinical trial on day 11 because he began to “verbalize feelings of killing other people and then

himself” at:


Christopher Brockman aged 16 (Zoloft, Risperdal, Adderall) killed a woman by frenzied stabbing.

Several months previously he had been diagnosed with ADHD and depression and his mother told how  

his condition had deteriorated in that he was having severe emotional outbursts and other symptoms of

akathisia.  Experts testified that he had been improperly diagnosed with ADHD and inappropriately

prescribed Adderall and Zoloft and that the combination could cause a psychotic state.  He was found

guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment.  Various psych drugs were prescribed in the prison with

little regard to the effects of, or withdrawal from, the same and Christopher hung himself in prison 2

years later.  

32 Incidents


Christina Fetters aged 14 (Prozac) in Iowa who killed her favourite aunt.


David Rothman (Prozac), a Vietnam war veteran, killed two co-workers and himself at the Dept. of

Agriculture in Inglewood, California, US.


Timmy Becton, 10, (Prozac) aimed a shotgun at a Sheriff a month after starting the prescribed drug.. 

See FDA 1996 Prozac Adverse Reaction Reports at:


Christopher Vasquez (Zoloft) killed Michael McMorrow in Central Park.


Megan Hogg (Prozac) duct taped the mouths and noses of her three little girls and took a handful of



Steven Leith (Prozac), teacher of Chelsea, Michigan, shot dead the school superintendent and

wounded two others including a fellow teacher. 


Alex Yun, 26, (Antidepressant), Georgia, called at the door of an apartment asking for a cigarette. 

When the resident of that apartment told him that she did not smoke, he pulled out a gun and shot her

twice in the abdomen. 


Vera Espinoza (Prozac) in Randolph, VT shot her small son and daughter before shooting herself. 


Mary Moffitt, 37 (Paxil and Painkillers) was prescribed Paxil for post-natal depression, but suffocated

her 5 week old baby and killed herself whilst on the ‘medication’.  Police found her on the bed with a

bin-liner over her head, and the baby’s body under some cushions wrapped in a blanket. 


Margaret Kastanis (Prozac) used a knife and hammer to kill her three children before stabbing herself

to death. 


Raymond Noll, 58, (Effexor) a man with no history of violence, complained to his doctor of “difficulty

sleeping, anxiety and worsening depression” on July 1st 2003 and was prescribed Effexor. The

following evening his wife, Cynthia, called their son Tony to ask him if he would visit as “Dad was

getting bad” but wanted first to see how he was by morning and said that she would phone Tony again

then.  At 7.45 on 3rd July a 911 operator received a call from Raymond saying, “I have just killed my

wife and by the time you get here I will kill myself.”   Raymond had shot his wife and himself and both

bodies were found on the bed, the bottle of Effexor was found with the two previous days’ pills

missing.  The call Tony received that morning was not from his mother but from the Police who told

him that both his parents were dead.  

See how WYETH failed to warn of homicidality and suicidality resulting from the use of Effexor at

43 incidents


Andrea Yates (Effexor and Remeron) of Houston, TX, drowned her five children in the bathtub.  The

drugs had been prescribed at one and a half times the maximum recommended dose. In the first trial at

which prosecution were seeking the death penalty, their expert witness, psychiatrist Park Dietz, gave

false testimony under oath re an episode of Law & Order showing a mother drowning her children

and escaping conviction by pleading insanity.  It was discovered in the last stages of the trial that no

such episode existed. In the retrial that ensued, incredibly prosecutors were allowed  to used Park Dietz

as their witness again and Judge Hill barred his previous false testimony being mentioned in court,

thus leaving the jury unaware of the question of reliability, credibility & honesty issues in any

testimony given by  prosecution witness Dietz’  WYETH list “homicidal ideation” as a “rare” side

effect of Effexor on page 40: and

in the UK the MHRA have received 3 yellow card submissions of homicidal ideation on Effexor, see, page 11.


Robert W "Wes" Boner, (Effexor), strangled his girlfriend. Boner told police he was agitated at the

time of the slaying on April 2, 2004, but did not know why.


Graduate student Mulumba, 26, (Effexor) of NY killed his father, Dr Joseph Kazigo, in effexor

withdrawal, by beating him repeatedly with a bat before cutting his throat. Malumba’s mother and

siblings testified that Dr Kazigo was a sadistic, violent and abusive husband and father.  Dr Kazigo had

cut off his son’s Effexor prescription when Mulumba had resisted his assault.  (Ongoing.  His attorney

announced he has agreed to plead guilty to manslaughter, 1st degree)



Elderly man (Paxil) in Dallas, TX strangled his wife before shooting himself twice in the chest. 


Sergi Babarin (Luvox withdrawal) The Salt Lake Family History Library shooting leaving three dead.

Withdrawal should be undertaken with great care. See generic advice on how to taper off SSRIs at:


Lynwood Drake III, (Prozac and Valium) of California, shot and killed six people before shooting



Larry Ashbrook (Prozac) killed seven people and himself in a Forth Worth, Texas, church.


Dr. Joseph Coladonato, 61, (Antidepressant) a retired neurosurgeon shot his wife, Eileen, 57, and

unsuccessfully fired at his brother-in-law outside their home while in withdrawal from the medication.

Mrs. Coladonato survived her injuries.

Withdrawal agitation/akathisia can be life threatening to self or others.  See Dr Lucire’s article at:












Seth Privacky, 18 (Wellbutrin) shot his parents, his grandfather, his brother and his brother’s girlfriend during a late Thanksgiving celebration.




Larramie Huntzinger (Zoloft) ran his car into three young girls killing two in Salt Lake City, UT. 


Mary Hinkelman (Prozac), a nurse in Baroda, MI shot her two small daughters and her sister before

shooting herself. 


Lisa Fox (Prozac) shot her small son and her dog before shooting herself in Brighton, MI. 


Debi Louselle (Zoloft) Salt Lake City, Utah, US, shot her daughter and then herself.


Gloria B.  (Prozac) in Pleasant Grove, UT killed her 17 year old son with a sledge hammer while he

slept before she attempted suicide by drinking drain cleaner. 


Larry Butzz, (Prozac) a superintendent of schools in Ames, IA shot his wife, son and daughter before

shooting himself.


Brandon Bare, 19 (Psychiatric Prescription), Tacoma, accused of stabbed his wife 71 times using

knives and a meat cleaver. Prior to the murder he had been awarded the Purple Heart after being

injured in Iraq in 2005 and was enrolled in an Army “intensive outpatient” therapy program and was

taking a new prescription.   Bare cannot recall the attack.  He said "I kissed her goodnight last night

when she was on the computer, and this morning when I woke up she was in the kitchen. She was

dead." (Ongoing).


Shawn Cooper, (An SSRI) Notus Idaho, stand off at school.


Joseph T Wesbecker, Kentucky (Prozac) went into work with an AK-47 and a couple of pistols, killed

7 co-workers injured 12.  A few days earlier his psychiatrist noted that he was exhibiting an “increased

level of agitation and anger” and recorded in the patient record: "Plan - Discontinue Prozac which may

be cause."


Rod Mathews aged 14, (Ritalin) beat a classmate to death with a bat.


James Wilson, aged 19,  (Psychiatric Drugs – various, including Xanax) Breenwood, South

Carolina, took  a .22 caliber revolver into an elementary school  killing two young girls, and wounding

seven other children and two teachers.  


62 incidents

Gail Ann Ransom. (Prozac) Became increasingly violent after beginning Prozac treatment culminating

in the strangulation of her mother. 


Jeremy Srohmeyer, aged 18, (Dexedrine) raped and murdered a 7 year old African girl shortly after

commencing Dexedrine ‘treatment’.


Kip Kinkel (Prozac) shot his parents while they slept then went to school and opened fire killing 2

classmates and injuring 22 shortly after beginning Prozac treatment.


Hank Adams: (Prozac) Former San Diego Deputy Sheriff shot his wife and himself to death in front of

his seventeen-year-old daughter. 


Reginald Payne (Prozac) UK teacher aged 63 who, eleven days into Prozac, suffocated his wife and

then committed suicide by jumping off a cliff.


Vernal Ash, aged 60  (Paxil) of Indiana, shot and killed 22 year old Craig Jenks, and fired at Mr Jenks’

friend, from his sunroom after calling out and asking them if they were “ready to die”.  He then

committed suicide by turning the gun on himself.  Neighbours expressed surprise at the homicide and

many said that he was a friendly man and not prone to violence. Police confirmed at the time that “he

may have been on heavy medication at the time of the shooting.”


Duncan Murchison, (Prozac) threatened to murder his girlfriend while on a rampage.  He had no prior

history of violence but had become increasingly aggressive while on Prozac.


Jeff Franklin (Prozac/Ritalin), Huntsville, AL, killed his parents as they came home from work.  He

used a sledge hammer, hatchet, butcher knife and mechanic’s file, then attacked his younger brothers

and sister.


Luke Woodham aged 16 (Prozac) killed his mother and then killed two students, wounding six others. 


TJ Solomon, aged 15, (Ritalin) high school student in Conyers, Georgia opened fire on and wounded

six of his class mates. 


Michael Carneal, aged 14, (Ritalin) opened fire on students at a high school prayer meeting in West

Paducah, Kentucky. Three teenagers were killed, five others were wounded, and one of whom was



Boy in Pocatello, ID (Zoloft) in 1998 who in seizure activity from Zoloft had a stand off at the school. 


Robert Joseph (Paxil, Celexa and Neurontin) from West Virginia shot and killed a man.  The court

excluded testimony of 'diminished responsibility' for the defence from a forensic psychologist, a

psychiatrist and one other doctor.  (Eventually the case was overturned and remanded for a new trial).  


Mrs. Phil Hartman (Zoloft) killed her husband and then herself.  (Wrongful death court case was filed

but settled by the Zoloft manufacturer).


Marilyn Lemak (Zoloft) from Chicago and a former surgical nurse, smothered and killed her three

children believing it to be an altruistic act and then attempted suicide.


Kristine Marie Cushing, age 39 (Prozac) shot and killed her two children, then shot herself in failed

suicide attempt.


Kenneth Seguin (Prozac) drugged his two children, cut their wrists and dumped their bodies in a

nearby pond before driving home and killing his wife with an axe while she slept.


Michael Luebrecht (Effexor, Wellbutrin, Zyprexa, Ativan) drowned his 13 month old baby.  (As at

time of listing the case is ongoing with sentencing due on 6th March 2006).


Nathan Cheatham, aged 23, (Medication, as yet not known which) shot and killed his mother, Sheila,

and then drove to a close friend's house in Great Fall and shot three others, before turning the gun on

himself.  Known to be gentle and caring towards people and animals. 


Art Henderson (Ativan) former Police Officer, shortly after being taken off the drug cold turkey went

on a shooting spree.  On 20th April 2006, 3 months after imprisonment he hung himself in jail.


David Lauren Crespi, 45 (Prozac), a “peaceful and family loving man” stabbed and killed his 5 year

old twin daughters.  (Ongoing, on suicide watch in jail).


Peter Roberts, respected British Diplomat, (Paxil), attacked cabin crew on flight threatening to kill

them. For the safety of all and to avoid a major aircraft tragedy he had to be restrained by binding his

hands and feet.  Could not remember the incident. (25th Jan 06 - jury found him not guilty of

drunkenness and agreed that his behaviour was due to the anti-depressants he was taking and post-

traumatic stress).


Ray Furlough, aged 21, (Effexor), in Ellicott City, poisoned his friend with cyanide.  Convicted and

now serving a life sentence.


Douglas Fathke, (Antidepressants and Other Medication), Hawaii, shot his 8 year old daughter,

Kelsie, and threatened to kill his friend’s 16 year old son who managed to get away.  Has no memory

of the incident.  Found guilty of reduced charge of manslaughter.


William Davies, 59, (Psychiatric Medication) Wales, UK.  Within days of stopping his medication

cold turkey due to side effects, he shot a six-month pregnant woman and then committed suicide by

turning the gun on himself.


Eric Jerror, aged 20, (Effexor prescribed at twice the recommended dose) described as passive and

non-aggressive, attacked his father with an axe.  Could not remember the incident as he had ‘blanked

out’.  September 05 indicted for attempted murder,   December 05 was sentenced to a “mental health

facility for treatment” with stay to be determined by State Commissioner of Mental Health.


David Zacher, (Paxil) part of a ‘normal functioning family’, stabbed his wife and 4 year old daughter

to death. A second child survived the attack.   (Ongoing).


Sheila Dawson, 54, (Antidepressants, Sleeping Tablets and other) UK, killed her husband by

pouring petrol over him and setting him alight, then minutes later committed suicide by driving to a

motorway bridge and jumping in the path of an oncoming lorry.  


Dawn Serrena Young, aged 34, (Effexor) in Eugene, killed her 17 month old daughter to “protect her

from spirits” who she believed were sexually abusing her.  (Ongoing).


Richard Staszewski, aged 21, (Antidepressants) attempted to take his own life but could not so went

to fetch a larger kitchen knife.  His mother disarmed him but in the ensuing struggle he regained

control of the knife and murdered his mother by stabbing her.  (Ongoing).


David Carmichael, (Paxil) from Canada, drugged and strangled his 11 year old son in a motel room. 

Found not criminally responsible because of “depression”.


Lance Ossman, aged 37, (Effexor) Schuylkill County, fired a barrage of bullets into a truck killing the

driver.  Stated that he didn’t know what he was doing, and that he guessed he “must have gotten out

and smoked him”.  Charged with homicide.  (Ongoing).


Cheryl Green, 40, (Psych medication) London UK, killed her 3 week old son by placing him on the

gas cooker and turning the hobs up to high. The baby died of   90% burns. In the days prior to the

killing Cheryl Brown had stopped taking her medication cold turkey.  She was made the subject of a

"guardianship order" at the Old Bailey, presumably similar to sectioning for treatment under the mental

health act.

              96 incidents


Sarah Johnson, aged 16, (Zoloft and Ambien) shot both her parents and killed them.  She was

sentenced to life imprisonment on both counts of first degree murder without parole and 15 years for

using a rifle as the murder weapon.


Robert Lee Harvey (Antidepressants) Shortly after undergoing psychiatric treatment, Harvey cut  his

six-year-old son's throat then stabbed him to death, before stabbing himself.


Louis Darrell Kinyon (Paxil, Trazodone, Celebrex & others) took a gun to work and shot his boss

and then turned the gun on himself.  He survived and is now in jail.  (Ongoing)


Ryan Ehlis, college student, (Adderall) North Dakota, killed his infant daughter in a psychotic episode

shortly after commencing adderall ‘treatment’.


Jeff Weise, 16, (Prozac) Minnesota School shootings March 2005, killed his Grandfather and

Grandmother, and then went on a rampage at the school.  He killed a teacher, a security officer and 5

students, wounding 7 others (2 critically), before exchanging gunfire with police and shooting himself.


Michael McDermott (Prozac) - Software Quality Assurance tester who walked into work and shot

seven co-workers, then waited patiently in the lobby to be arrested.  He was described by others at his

work as a pretty friendly guy.


Vince Gilmer, 42, (Antidepressant withdrawal) of Fletcher, N.C. strangled his father and mutilated

the corpse. Withdrawal from an antidepressant medication left him unable to resist the impulse to kill.


Arthur James Charland, 42, (Effexor), shot to death Linda Faye Owens, with whom he had an 11-year

affair.  He had complained about the side effects of anxiety, nervousness and dizziness.


10-year-old boy (Prozac) shot his father, Dr. Rick Lohstroh. The week before the shooting the boy

started taking a once-a-week, time-release dosage of 90 milligrams. He took his second 90-milligram

pill just hours before the shooting. [Ongoing: child has been charged with murder]


Lakeisha Adams, 18, (Antidepressants) killed her 3-month-old son by putting him in a clothes dryer

and turning it on for several minutes. A bottle of antidepressant medication was found in the home.

"she remained calm throughout the whole situation and never really showed much emotion." 


Socorro Caro, 44,  (Prozac) California, shot three of her children in their beds and unsuccessfully

attempted suicide by shooting herself in the head.  The fourth and youngest child was unharmed.


Eric Attwood, 82, (Wellbutrin). Twelve days after taking the first pill, Eric attacked his wife of 60

years marriage by plunging a kitchen knife into her neck (not fatal), and was planning to kill himself. 

[Ongoing court case:  His family, now aware of recent governmental warnings about potential risks

associated with antidepressants, suspect there is a connection between the drug and Eric’s violent

outburst  UPDATE Aug 2006 – Defence attorney argued insanity due to “adverse reaction to an

antidepressant”.  Was Found NOT guilty due to insanity and not hospitalized, though conditions were

placed on his release.]


Gavin Hogg  34, (Prozac) Dewsbury, UK murdered a businessman and injured two of his relatives in a

knife attack.  He said that Prozac made him feel “cold and calculating” and also told the jury that he

“never meant to stab any of them”.  Life sentence, minimum of 20 years to be served.


Christopher Ross aged 29 (Antidepressants), Mount Olive, US, shot his wife in the wrist.  He said that

the antidepressants “had the effect of making him feel suicidal”.  (Ongoing, Prosecution agreed to drop

charge of attempted murder, and Ross is now being charged with aggravated assault with sentencing

expected on 21st April 06)


Walter Bishop, 60, (Paxil and Wellbutrin), Brockton US, who was described as a perfect neighbour

and a well-liked grandfather shot a young father multiple times in a road rage incident. The victim died

shortly afterwards but although he had been holding his baby daughter at the time he was shot, she was



Stephen Forenz, 42, (Psychiatric Medication) two weeks into withdrawal stabbed his mother at their

home.  His father stated that when he “goes off the drug, he can’t control himself” and that this was the

“only time he got violent”.

See various articles on drug-induced violence and the clinical management of akathisia at:


Stanley Jurgevich (Sinequan). During his murder trial a medical expert testified that "aggressiveness,

assaultiveness, and agitation" caused by Sinequan had played a significant role in the crime.


Dustin Lynch, 15, (Paxil) Ohio, ran away from home and was taken in by Jolynn Mishne aged 17 and

her family.  A week later the girl was found at the home beaten in the head and stabbed with a kitchen

knife which was left protruding from her abdomen.


Louise Wheldon, 34, (Prozac), Scotland UK stabbed a man in an argument.  The High Court heard that

the stabbing was out of character and a psychiatrist testified that Wheldon was not mentally ill but that

one of the side effects of Prozac was violent behaviour.  


Gilbert Cano, 32 (Prozac), USA, murdered his pregnant girlfriend and their unborn child by stabbing

her in the abdomen 3 times and strangling her.  Family members believed he was on drugs due to his

blank stare but authorities found the only drug in his system was prozac.  His attorney stated that he

had no previous convictions of violence and no reason to kill his girlfriend. 


Robert Hill, Australia (Zoloft  **and cold/flu meds), shortly after his dose of Zoloft was doubled and

agitated by loud music from an industrial unit next door, went on a rampage smashing through a

partition wall armed with a gun and ammunition, killing 2 people and wounding 2 others.

**WARNING:  DEXTROMETHORPHAN or "DM” found in many cough & cold medicines can cause Serotonin Syndrome as can SSRIs.   USED TOGETHER, RISKS OF SEROTONIN SYNDROME ARE SIGNIFICANTLY RAISED  


James Joseph Cain, 40, (Prozac) El Cajon, US, obsessively harrassed his girlfriend, finally murdering

her by shooting her in the neck. When prosecution refuted his being a good father to his two young

sons he became extremely "agitated" in the Courtroom and had to be removed.  Life sentence.



Philip Wayne, 20, (Antidepressants) Devon, UK, killed his mother in a frenzied attack, stabbing her

10 times.  7 months earlier he was diagnosed as schizophrenic and prescribed “strong anti-depressants”

since which his relationship with his family had “deteriorated”.  Admitted manslaughter on grounds of

diminished responsibility. (Ongoing, awaiting independent report, treatment & circumstances review). 


Man (R.W.C) from Australia, (Effexor, Valium, Amitriptyline and Painkillers), fired at, but missed,

a friend after an argument at a dinner party. He shot and killed a police officer when his home was

subsequently surrounded.  During examination after his arrest a psychiatrist noted that he was

"agitated, confused and suffering from disorganised thought" and had no memory of the incident.  

Could painkillers interact with psychotropic drugs as other medicines can?   See article at:


13-year-old boy (Prozac), South Seattle, US, killed his grandmother Louise Frazier who was raising

him, by hitting her with a baseball bat and then stabbing her to death.  The boy couldn't remember

doing it - but remembers returning from a walk and finding his grandmother covered in blood.



Patrice Garner, 35  (Prescribed Antidepressant) of Dalton, USA, faces 1st degree murder charges

after she was found unconscious and her 6 year old girl dead, due to what the toxicology report stated

as “overdose of an antidepressant”.  (Ongoing.  Arraignment date set for 24th April 2006) 


Young man in Amarillo, TX, (Prozac, Ritalin and another antidepressant) burned down a church

and pastor’s home.


Jason Molacek, 19, (various psychiatric drugs) shot his mother in the abdomen at close range; she

died 2 months later from the injury.  Jason had been taking various prescribed psych drugs since he was

7 and "took his medication faithfully."  In court Jason said that he regretted an act that he could

“hardly remember doing” and that he couldn’t get over the fact that it wasn’t “some horrible



                 124 incidents

Jeanette Swanson, 46 (Paxil and sleeping pills) a week after starting the “treatment” shot  her 14 and

10 year old children while they slept.  Her 2 older sons and husband were sleeping nearby.  


James Classen, (Serzone and Wellbutrin), a dental surgeon in Canada, stabbed his wife with sewing

scissors in their bedroom.  His  employees said that in the days before the homicide his moods had

become “unpredictable and a rollercoaster”, “out of character” and a “downward spiral”. When

questioned, Classen “reported the experience as if in a dream or fog and that he was watching it

happen”.   (Ongoing, physician testified that the “antidepressants could have propelled him into a

manic state”)


Alison Davies, 40 (Antidepressant), UK, a caring single parent finding it increasingly difficult to cope 

with her 12 year old autistic child sought, but was  unable to get, practical help and eventually was

prescribed antidepressants.  Alison jumped off the Humber Bridge with her son Ryan.  Both drowned.


Albert Boyd, 57 (Zoloft) Indiana, He was first prescribed Zoloft in 1992 and remained on this for 13

years.  In 2005 in cold turkey withdrawal he murdering his wife by striking her several times with a

skillet and unsuccessfully attempted suicide by drinking bleach, taking an overdose and cutting his

wrist.  He said that his pills had recently run out and he had no insurance.  Previously, in 1995 while on

Zoloft, he had attacked a woman with a knife and served a prison sentence ending in 2002. (Ongoing,

trial due June 2006)


Daniella Dawes (Antidepressant) Sydney Australia, unable to get adequate help with her 10 year old

autistic son Jason and with various other family problems was prescribed medication for depression in

July 2003.  In August 2003 she suffocated her son and attempted suicide by cutting her wrists.  She

said: “I don’t know why it happened, whatever happened I had no control. My soul had left my body. I

was just watching through my eyes. It wasn’t me. I knew it was me not having control over myself, it

was like being on autopilot. I wish I had my boy back. I love him so much. It’s not right I should be

here. I should be with him. My children mean the world to me. I didn’t do it because I didn’t want

Jason, I didn’t hate the trauma he caused. It wasn’t about Jason. I never wanted that morning to end

my life. It’s never that I hated Jason or his disability. I loved him the way he was. It just happened. I

never had the experience of loss of control, I never experienced that before, I just snapped.” 

Sentenced to 5 year good behaviour bond. 


Maryanne Cooper (Prozac) Australia, diagnosed with post natal depression when her baby was 5 days

old.  Within 3 months she had started to experience signs of deterioration and she eventually killed the

baby girl at 6 months by suffocation when she couldn’t stop her crying loudly during a feed.


Kevin Underwood, 26, (Zoloft then Lexapro) started getting ‘weird fantasies’ after withdrawal from

Lexapro.  He restarted Lexapro 6 weeks prior to murdering a 10 year old girl to fulfil a cannibalism

fantasy.  (Ongoing, 1st degree murder charges)


Mother, 31, (“Psychiatric Treatment”), Spain, drowned her 14 month old baby in the bathtub and

then attempted to hang herself with an electric cable. Neighbours were alerted to a problem by her

‘manic screams’. (Ongoing)


Jeff Lehner, 42, (“Mental Health Treatment”) former marine sergeant who had originally received

treatment for PTSD in a psychiatric hospital and was receiving ‘treatment’ at a clinic at the time of the

incident, shot his father and then himself.  


Lucy MacMartin (Antidepressants and Sleeping Pills), UK, was pregnant and “seriously depressed”

when she killed her 6 year old son with sleeping pills and committed suicide by cutting her throat with

a circular saw.


Ann Marie Gosling, 49, (“Psychiatric Treatment”) an Isle of Man bank worker, stabbed her partner

several times with a kitchen knife and then unsuccessfully attempted suicide. She had been receiving

treatment for bouts of “depression and anxiety”.   (Ongoing, court awaiting psychiatric report).


Saheeda Kapde (Mental Health Treatment) set her home on fire killing her 6 year old son Nihaal

while under the ‘care’ of mental health services in Durham, UK.


Jason Davidson, 33, (Zoloft and Ambien) Warsaw, shot Samuel Creekmore.  His attorney said: “In certain

circumstances, these drugs (SSRIs) can cause homicide or suicide.  Couple that with Ambien, and you get a

hypnotic state like disassociative reaction.” 


Linda Woo, 40, (Under “Care of a Psychiatrist”) was receiving psychiatric treatment for depression when

she took put her 2 young children in the family car,  got in herself and lit a gas barbecue grill in a

homicide/suicide attempt.  One child died from the fumes, mother and other child survived.  (Ongoing trial).


Dr Karen McCarron, 37, (Antidepressants) a pathologist and dedicated and loving mother, suffocated her 3

year old autistic child, and took an overdose in a failed suicide attempt.   Dr McCarron ran an autism support

group, helping many families to cope.  Prior to killing her child, a friend noticed that she had lately seemed

desperate and that she was “always crying’ whereupon Dr McCarron confided that she was on

antidepressants.  (Ongoing, on 2 charges of 1st degree murder).


Leslie Pepall, 28, (“Treatment”) murdered his 4 year old boy and attempted to murder his baby daughter,

both of  whom he was said to idolised,  by battering them with a lamp stand and stabbing them before 

plunging the knife into his own neck which he survived.  He was being “treated” for suicidal feelings after

his wife left him and committed the murder within hours of being released from the hospital.  He hung

himself in prison aged 29.


James Atkinson, (Prozac and other Antidepressants) Army Veteran in Leeds, UK, shot at police, firing 53

times into the street with a rifle, hitting a police officer who survived due to body armour.  He stopped the

rampage when police shot him in the hand.   (Ongoing:  Charged on two counts of attempted murder)


Laurie Dann, 30, (Lithium and Anafranil) on a shooting rampage at an Illinois school, killed one child and

wounded 5 others before killing herself.  


Martin Diez, 34 (Prozac, Klonopin, Neurontin and Painkillers) dressed as a police officer, carried a tazer

gun and carried out an armed kidnapping of a 5 year old child.  He said he did so because he had “psychic

powers and had dreamed” the child was abused.  He testified that Prozac was for depression, Klonopin was

for anxiety and Neurontin and painkillers were for an injury.  (Ongoing.  Facing possible life sentence for

armed kidnapping, burglary and interference with custody.)


Kurt Danysh, 18, (Prozac) was prescribed prozac by his GP without any psychological testing. In the first

few days of taking the drug Kurt, known as an outgoing boy with no record of violent behaviour, became

moody and withdrawn. In the second week he showed signs of drug-induced hostility and aggression, falling

out with his best friend then intentionally crashing his truck into a stone wall. After just 17 days on Prozac

Kurt shot and killed the father everyone knew he loved more than anyone in the world.  Kurt said:  "I didn't

realize I did it until after it was done, and then I realized it. This might sound weird, but it felt like I had no

control of what I was doing, like I was left there just holding a gun."  (Kurt was sentenced to 22.5 to 60 years

in prison.  8 years after his conviction the FDA warned that these drugs can cause suicidal and/or violent

behaviour, especially in adolescents and children.  Despite this there has been no review of the issue of

involuntary intoxication, verdicts or jail sentences and Kurt, like many others, remains in prison.)


William Cruse, (Psychiatric Drugs) went on a shooting rampage killing 6 people in Florida.  He had been

under the care of a psychiatrist and on psychiatric drugs for several years.


Sharon Radtke, 56, (Antidepressants), Michigan, shot her student daughter, 23, as she slept while on a

weekend visit.  Sharon was in withdrawal shortly after losing her job and so unable to afford “her anti-

depression medication” and had become afraid of losing her home.  After the killing she rang the police and

surrendered on their arrival.  (Ongoing, on charges of 1st degree murder).


Bartley Dobben (Psychiatric Drugs) killed his two children by putting them in a 1,300 degs, foundry ladle. 

Prior to the murder he had been placed on a regimen of psychiatric drugs.


Kathleen Gannon, (Tranquilizer) Arizona, stabbed her mother to death with garden shears before beating

her father to death with the butt of a rifle. The day before Gannon murdered her parents, she was “injected

with a major tranquilizer and given a prescription for the same drug in pill form”.


Atiba Farquharson, 17 (Prozac) Miami, robbed a gas station and shot the attendant in the arm.  Atiba had

“been on Prozac for years”.


Luis Avalos, 28, (Treatment for Mental Illness) killed a woman by multiple stabbings and beating her only

3 weeks after having received treatment for mental illness in a psychiatric hospital.  He was fined $10,000

and sentenced to life in prison.


Betty Hahn (Pamelor and Xanax) California, bludgeoned her mother to death with a while in withdrawal

from Xanax.


Emanuel Tsegaye (Psychiatric Drugs) a bank employee of Bethesda, MD,  opened fire on his fellow

employees  killing three women, critically wounding a male employee and finally committing suicide.

Tsegaye had been on “psychiatric drugs” for the previous three years after having received psychiatric

treatment in a mental hospital.


Mary Feurst, (Antidepressants and other Psychiatric Treatment) a “loving mother and spouse” felt

homicidal urges towards her children while on Antidepressants and was admitted to hospital for “psychiatric

treatment”.   In June 1982 Mary was discharged after psychiatrists felt that she had made a "significant

recovery." A month later, Mary Feurst shot and killed her two children aged 6 and 9 years of age.


Mark Storm (Psychiatric Medication) of Ohio admitted himself to a psychiatric ward in 1997 complaining

of "stress and panic disorder" and was given "three different types of medication".  After 4 days of treatment

he arranged a follow-up appointment and discharged himself.  Later that day he attended a party but the host

said that he appeared "stressed out" and within half an hour he left the party.   That night Mark killed his wife

aged 26, following which he shot his two daughters aged 8 and 3 as they slept, and drove 2 miles to his

mother's house where he shot both his mother and his brother.  He then went to a favourite childhood spot by

the Ohio River and shot himself with his last bullet.


Betty Whitten (Antidepressant) described by her doctor as “usually bright and happy and easy going”

stabbed her disabled daughter to death with a kitchen knife, then drove her car containing the body off a

bridge into Fox River, only “two to three days” after being prescribed an antidepressant having complained

to her doctor that she felt as if “she couldn’t get out of a hole”.   (Ongoing:  She has been on suicide watch

since her arrest and transferred to a state facility for “treatment” after being declared mentally unfit to stand

trial on the murder charge.   A state psychologist has indicated that she could become mentally fit for trial. 

Update, June 2006 has been found fit to stand trial.)


John Hinkley, 26 (Prescribed Tranquilizer) gunned down and seriously wounded President Reagan, a

Secret Service agent, a police officer and press secretary, James Brady, all of whom survived. Hinkley had

been under a psychiatrist who had prescribed a “well known tranquilizer”. Two hours prior to shooting the

president, Hinkley took four of his tablets, which were said in court to have induced the rage.  The court

found him insane and he was sentenced to a max security mental institution.


Terry Todd Wedding, 27, (Psychiatric Medication) killed his parents, a police officer and the police

officer's wife.   15 months earlier he had been diagnosed with 'bipolar disorder' and eventually had an

altercation with his parents who had him committed to a psychiatric unit for 'treatment' which he left just

prior to the killings.  


Sandi Nieves (Phentermine - diet pill - and Zoloft), a mother who loved being with her children, killed four

of  those children, aged 5, 7, 11 and 12, by gassing them overnight, and later setting fire to the house.  Nieves

and her 14 year old son survived when they were found and taken to hospital suffering from smoke

inhalation.   In court on murder charges she testified about having a 'flashback' of the moment she started the

fire but stated that she was "hoping it was a dream" and that other than that,  she had no memory of what had

happened.  A witness for the defense described her as being in an "unconscious, sleepwalking-like state" at

the time she set the fire that the combination of phentermine and Zoloft that she had been prescribed was akin

to a car motor being "accelerated to top speed".  Sentenced to death she remains on Death Row in California.  


Cecilia Scoggins, 54, (Psychiatric Treatment) took a kitchen knife and stabbed both parents in the chest. 

Her mother survived the injuries but her father died. A few days prior to the killings she had phoned the

police saying that "hell was coming through the power lines" and that Jesus had given her the information

"through several dreams”.   (Ongoing).


Susan Eubanks, 33 (Valium) shot and killed her four children before shooting herself in the abdomen in a

failed suicide attempt.  She survived her own injuries and on recovery was charged with the murders.  She

was found guilty and sentenced to death.


Adrian Camacho, (Paxil) shot and killed a police officer during a ‘traffic stop’, then broke into his

mother's home, cut his wrists in a failed suicide attempt and "scrawled apologetic messages on the

bathroom tiles in blood".   In court his psychiatrist testified that Camacho had been receiving treatment

for heroin addiction and depression for the 15 months prior to the killing.  Paxil, methamphetamine and

heroin were found in his blood.  The jury recommended that Camacho receive the death penalty, and a

Superior Court endorsed that recommendation.



Dr Mine Ener, 38, (Antidepressant) a Philadelphia history professor, killed her 6 month old daughter

by cutting her throat with a 12" kitchen knife.  The baby was born with Down’s syndrome and while Dr

Ener was devoted to her care, she became distressed and was treated for postpartum depression.  3 days

before the killing she was described a “strong antidepressant” and her family are recorded as having

wondered “if a new medication regime contributed to Ener’s downward spiral”.  After the killing she

stated that she did it because she did not want the child to go through life suffering.    She was arrested

and charged with 2nd degree murder and admitted to and held in the County jail on suicide watch but in

less than a month was found dead in the jail's day room having committed suicide by suffocating

herself with a plastic 'trash bag'.  


 Peter Odighizuwa, 42, (Treatment for Depression & Stress) went on a rampage at the Appalachian

Law School he attended, killing the dean, a professor and a student and seriously wounding three

others. The doctor who first attended the scene described the killings as “executions”.  He was the same

doctor that had treated Odighizuwa for depression and stress in the previous six months.


Simon Ranteesi, (Paxil) sought help from his doctor after his wife, Milia, expressed her wish for a

divorce and left home.  The doctor prescribed Paxil which he took on a daily basis. During an argument

when his wife visited, Ranteesi bludgeoned her to death by repeated blows with an 8lb welder’s jack.    

Ranteesi’s only recollection of the homicide is   "My wife came at me and she fell down on the ground.

Tony [his son] said 'Look at what you did.' I didn't know what I did."   (Ongoing:  Ranteesi has been

convicted of pre-meditated murder and is due to be sentenced in August 06)



Jack Saunders, (Zoloft) stabbed his wife who was filing for divorce, severely injuring her, then shot

and killed his two children aged 5 and 10 years before shooting and killing  himself.  The coroner

report stated that his blood tests showed sertraline (Zoloft) in his blood at a ‘therapeutic’ level, which

indicates a usual dose at prescribed levels.


Starleen Rutkowski, 47 (Anti-depressants, Mood Stabilizers and Other Meds), angry when her

husband had not kept her informed as to where he had been, repeatedly ran over him with a mini-van,

causing his death.   She had a history of suicidality, been hospitalised, been diagnosed with bipolar

disorder, mania and depression, medicated, and suffered psychosis.   Found guilty and sentenced to life

without parole.


Navjeet Didhu, 27, (Antidepressants)  carried her child of 23 months and  held the hand of her  5 year

old while jumping in front of an express train at Heathrow, UK, killing her children and herself.  She

had re-commenced treatment for depression 3 months prior to the incident.  Her antidepressants in

those three months had been “changed repeatedly without explanation”. 


Sonita Barkley (Antidepressants) of Norfolk US drowned her three children in the family home before

drowning herself in the Elizabeth River. She had started ‘treatment’ for postpartum depression a few

days earlier.


Magdalena Lopez, 29, (Bipolar Depression Treatment) US, killed her two sons aged 9 and 2 by

beating them with a barbell.  She was described by friends as “very kind and loving”,  “the sweetest

and kindest friend”, “a mom …who loved her little boys”.  Already diagnosed as ‘bipolar’ and

receiving treatment, shortly before the homicides she had attempted suicide and been “briefly

institutionalized”. (Ongoing)


Lynn Giovanni, 45 (Depression Medication) US author of  “Judicial System Loopholes” battered her

14 year old daughter to death with a hammer and shovel, then drove her own car into a highway

guardrail in an unsuccessful suicide attempt.  Friends described how she had suffered a lot of

misfortunes, had  become depressed as a result and was on “a lot of medication”.


Isabel Sherr, 31, (Zoloft) tried unsuccessfully to drown her two children aged 4 and 19 months.  She

had been treated for postpartum depression after her youngest child was born and a few days prior to

the incident had been prescribed Zoloft but a defence expert stated that this had “exacerbated her



Tonya Vasilev, 34, (Psychiatric treatment) Chicago, US, killed her 9 year old  son and 3 year old

daughter in a frenzied attack , stabbing them approximately 500 times.  Later that day her husband

arrived home to find his children killed and his wife still there covered in blood.  She had been

undergoing treatment for mental illness “for several years”.


John Hogan, 32, (Antidepressants) from the UK while on holiday in Crete, pushed his 6 year old child

Liam over the balcony killing him and jumped with his 2 year old child Mia immediately after.  He and

Mia survived.  Friends and family were quoted as saying ““Liam and his Mum and Dad were lovely

and we just can’t believe that this has happened.”  John Hogan had a history of “depression and

antidepressant use”and media report police blood tests revealed antidepressants and alcohol.  (Ongoing

Aug 2006 recovering from fall in hospital, facing murder and attempted murder charges when well)


             173 incidents

Marianne Streeter, 33, (Antidepressants) NY, took her children aged 8 and 5 to a motel and fed them

an applesauce mixture laced with OTC and prescription drugs, then went to a cemetery and overdosed

on her antidepressants.  All survived but the mother faces attempted murder charges.  She had recently

been discharged from a psychiatric hospital where she had been undergoing 'treatment'.


Louise Desnoyers, 46, (Antidepressants), Canada, drowned her 8 year old son in a lake then

unsuccessfully attempted suicide by stabbing herself and drinking windshield washer fluid.  She had

been having “problems with depression during the past four years and was taking medication”.

(Ongoing – still recovering from  her injuries)


Valeria Maxon, 32, (Zoloft) US, is alleged to have  killed her 1 year old son, Alexander, in a hot tub

while her husband was out shopping.  Valeria was taking the Zoloft.  (Ongoing, charged). 


Earl Putbress, 79 (Antidepressant & cancer med) killed his 77 year old wife, Gloria, by strangling her

with a lamp cord before committing suicide. There were obvious signs of a struggle.    Police found a

large knife in his right hand and 6 empty medicine bottles near his body.   Neighbours described them

as “the sweetest people”, “wonderful neighbours” who helped everyone, “very happy together” and

that there was “no way this could have been about them having problems with each other”.  The police

chief stated that Earl had been “treated for cancer and depression”.


Naveed Haq, 30, (Bipolar Medication) went on a shooting rampage at a Jewish charity.  One woman

was killed and five wounded.  Ten years earlier Haq had been diagnosed as bipolar for which he

received, and has continued to receive, medication.  Shortly after the diagnosis he dropped out of a

dentistry course worried that he might “clumsily hurt someone with his shaking hands”  and family

friends described how he became ‘distant from his family’ and how “not being able to finish college

had a big impact on him”.    In March 2006 Haq was arrested for exposing himself and 2 weeks before

the shootings was described by someone who knew him well as not seeming “to be the one [the

person] I know of”.   


Cody Jakeman, 20, (Antidepressant medication), Melton South, Australia, killed a couple in a

frenzied stabbing attack, orphaning their 5 year old disabled daughter who was found in the garden by

neighbours.  Cody Jakeman had, according to his uncle, “been struggling on medication for long term

depression and had been increasingly erratic in his behaviour in the past few months”.  (Ongoing)


Christopher Francis, 25 (Antidepressants) Southampton, UK, killed his grandmother and aunt in 2003

in a frenzied attack using a house brick and a kitchen knife ‘for no obvious reason’, before driving 20

miles to a police station where, covered in blood, he told officers “I have just killed two people”.

Christopher was an old Etonian and a professional golfer.  He had “seemed quite normal when

making dinner” only “minutes” before the attack.  


Rody Phillips, 14, (Effexor), Fort Belvoir, stabbed “7-Eleven clerk” Sun Ku Kwon to death in a

robbery.  Rody had “woken at 3 am and couldn’t get back to sleep”.  As he had “battled depression”

since his move from his father and stepmother’s home to his mother and stepfather’s home a few

months earlier, his parents sent him to a psychiatrist one month before the murder who prescribed

Effexor.  Since his arrest in 2005 he has been taken off the medication, he is no longer homicidal and

school grades have improved.  (Ongoing-  a ‘motion’ of ‘involuntary intoxication’ may be argued)


Mark W Benoit, 42 (Prozac withdrawal), Brockton killed his wife and his 9 year old daughter with his

hands before unsuccessfully attempting suicide. He told the court that he "could not get his medicine"

and had "snapped".


Valerie Lopez, 19 (Psychiatric medication withdrawal), San Antonio, beat her 14 month old daugher

to death and hid her body beneath her home. Two months later her killed her 5 month old son -

possibly accidentally by rolling over on him - and hid that child in the same way.   She told the court

that she had quit" taking her medication as she couldn't afford the doctor's visits and that "stopping the

medication brought on mood swings and periods of forgetfulness".  (Ongoing, prosecution are seeking

the death penalty).


Phil Spector, 63, (Prozac and Topomax), record producer in California, on new trial for the murder of

a woman (Clarkson) in February 2003. Toxicology report at the time of his original arrest indicated

"that Spector had alcohol, as well as the anti-depressant medication Prozac and the anti-convulsant

drug Topamax, in his system".  His son had died at the age of 10 from leukaemia and in 2005 Spector

said that he had been taking  daily doses of Prozac, Clonopin, Neurontonin - and two other medications

he couldn't recall - to help relieve manic depression and symptoms he described as "sleeplessness,

depression, mood changes, mood swings, hard to live with, hard to concentrate, hard - just hard - a hard 

time getting through life." Whether the spiral of medication started during a period of grief for his son

is not known by SSRI site as yet.  


Walter Tyrrell, 78 ("Depression"), Dulwich, London UK, beat his sleeping 76 year old wife to death in

the night with a pair of garden shears he had fetched from the shed.  Minutes later he tearfully phoned

his son stating that "I think Mum's dead" and "I THINK I might have killed her".  The couple had been

married for 50 years. Neighbours told police "they hadn't heard the couple exchange a cross word in 40

years" and close friends described them as devoted and inseparable - a "pair made in heaven".  Tyrrell

told police that he couldn't remember the incident, and that the exact moments leading to her death

were nothing more than "a fog".  He had recently complained to his doctor of "feeling low" and with a

'history of depression' this would indicate he was almost certainly prescribed 'medication' or, if already

on medication, an increase in dose or changed to a different 'medication'. Tyrrell was ordered to be

detained under the Mental Health Act. A close friend and neighbour aged 74 tearfully stated that when

he he tried to visit Tyrrell he was told that "he had tried to jump out of a window".


Tyrol McGruder, (Psychiatric medication withdrawal) of Pensacola shot his wife and her mother

who both survived, and then unsuccessfully attempted suicide by shooting himself twice in the head. 

He had had been diagnosed with "a mental illness" a but a few weeks before the shootings he said that

he had stopped taking the medication.  McGruder said in court "I never did anything like that before. I

regret what I did.  I was not in the right state of mind - I don't know what got into me".  His wife

remains loyal and asked the court not to send him to jail, but he was sentenced to 10 years for

attempted second-degree murder.


Neil Crampton, 33, (Antidepressants) of Newcastle UK, murdered his ex-wife, from whom he had

been separated for 4 years, and her brother before taking his knife upstairs and killing his two children

aged 12 and 5.  He remained at the scene for ten hours before phoning the emergency services to say 

"I have just killed my entire family".  Crampton was out of out of work, depressed and was taking

antidepressants.  (Ongoing).


Dragolub Tzokovitch, 41, (Antidepressants and Barbiturates), a Psychologist from Montreal, shot

and killed his wife and two daughters before shooting himself in the head. He was found still alive and

put on life support, but this was turned off a few days later.  He had been taking prescribed

antidepressants and barbiturates for several months and the police stated that "people who were around

him in the last few weeks said he was acting bizarre. It was like he wasn't all there'.  


Gavin Hall, 33,  (Antidepressants), a Radiographer from Northampton UK, killed 2 of the families

cats and drugged his 3 year old daughter with his antidepressants. After an hour of cuddling her, he

then suffocated her with a chloroform-soaked rag before unsuccessfully attempting suicide.  His

marriage had started to break down, he had discovered his wife was having an affair and in the weeks

before the murder he had been off work and treated for depression.  His wife said that Hall and his

young daughter "were very close, right from the day she was born. He adored her and she thought the

world of him.” Hall admitted manslaughter on the ground of diminished responsibility.


Perry Samuel, 35, (Psychiatric 'Treatment'), North Wales UK, suffocated his two children aged 5 and

3 in the bath before phoning the police. Two months earlier in August 2006,  Samuel was in a

psychiatric unit in North Wales being treated for depression according to a local who had spoken to

him there and another local said that at the time of the killing he was being treated for bipolar

depression and that it was possible he 'might' have missed his medication. Found Guilty.


Wayne Royston, 35, (Effexor withdrawal), of Bargoed, Wales UK, killed a 20 year old man in a

frenzied stabbing where he inflicted 38 stab injuries including the victim's throat being "cut almost

from ear to ear".  Royston had been on repeat prescriptions for Effexor and diazepam but was due for a

prescription of a new medicine to replace Effexor, maybe because he was getting constant thoughts of

murdering those who he was agitated about.  Due to a mistake with regard to the changeover, when he

went to pick up his new medicine that morning it was delayed while it was sorted out and Royston left 

the chemist without either diazepam (often used to offset antidepressant-induced akathisia and

agitation) or the new medication. That evening he murdered the 20 year old. By the following day the

error in prescription had been corrected, but it was too late.


Antoni Suchon, 54, (Antidepressant Withdrawal),a peaceable and devoted husband from Oak Forest

US, killed his wife of 30 years with a hammer.  He called the police, waited for their arrival and then

led them to the body of his wife. Neighbours said that he had recently stopped the medication though it

was not known whether this was advised by his physician and had spent the previous two weeks inside

the house and had also threatened suicide. Charged with murder.


Michael Allen Carriker, 37 (Bipolar treatment), of San Joaquin killed his mother and 2 year old

nephew with an axe then drove to a nearby interstate and committed suicide by stepping out into

oncoming traffic.  Carriker was being treated for bipolar disorder.


UNNAMED man, 30 (Lots of Psychiatric Pills), Norway, murdered his three sisters aged 13, 24 and

27. Truls Dramer, defense attorney for the 30-year-old, claims his client "was shocked" when told that

his sisters were dead, and can’t remember having killed them.  According to the brother,  he had

been "prescribed lots of pills" but  needed professional help as he had "begun to hold imaginary



UNNAMED man, 30's, (Medication for Depression) Leeds UK area, cut the throat of his sister and

his mother and attempted to cut his own throat with a razor blade.  Fortunately all survived, although

doctors at Pinderfield's Hospital in Wakefield battled through the night to stem his bleeding.  When

discharged he was detained under the Mental Health Act.  Shocked neighbours stated that they were a

"polite quiet family" and that the son (the unnamed man) "was always right and very helpful with me". 

One resident said, "The son has suffered from depression for some time and is ON MEDICATION".


David Bradley, 41, (Antidepressants) shot his aunt, uncle and two cousins in the head, then 4 hours

later walked to a police station and handed over an arsenal of weapons, telling them that he had

"flipped" due to hot weather and "noise from outside" had made him feel "jaded and weird".  Bradley

had served in Northern Ireland, Bosnia and the first Gulf War.  In 1997 he saw his GP, complaining of

feeling tense, wound up and wanting to 'kill someone' and by 2002 he was on sickness benefit due to

depression. In May 2006, two months before the killings, he was referred by his GP to a consultant

psychiatrist who prescribed him anti-depressants. Last known, detained in Rampton Secure hospital

awaiting psychiatric reports.


David Rule, 75 (Antidepressants) of  Pinwherry, Glasgow UK, killed his wife of 48 years with a

repeated blows by a mallet   2006.  On 4th April 2007 the court heard  that at the time of the attack,

Rule had shown symptoms of  dementia and was being treated by his GP for depression.  Rule “had

been taking anti-depressants for weeks before the killing”.  QC defending said “Prior to this incident

Mr Rule felt agitated and unsettled….he said he felt like a fly sprayed with fly spray”  (Ongoing,

Judge deferred sentence until next month [May 07] for background and psychiatric reports)


Mamoru Takuma, 37 (Antidepressants) burst into an elementary school in Osaka, Japan in 2001, 

slashing eight children to death and wounding 18 other children and three adults before unsuccessfully

attempting suicide by knife wounds.  Takuma told police he had taken 10 times his daily dose of an

unspecified anti-depressant before heading out to the school. 


Charles Whitman, 29, (Valium and Dexedrine) student at University of Texas  who, on 1st August

1966, killed his wife and mother then went to the 27 storey high tower of the university firing down at

passers-by on the campus and in the city, killing 15 people and wounding 31 others before being shot

down by police.  Early that year the university's doctor had prescribed valium  when he had complained

of depression. In March he saw the campus psychiatrist and remarked that he was getting urges to

shoot people.  By summer, shortly before the killings, Whitman was prescribed Dexedrine.


Todd Smith, 14, (Dexadrine), at his high school in Taber, Alberta, 1999, shot and killed one child and

wounded another.  He had been prescribed Dexadrine just prior to the incident.


Seth Trickey, 13, (Several Prescription Medicines) who in 1999 opened fire at the Fort Gibson

Middle School in Oklahoma, injuring 5 students.  During his certification hearing, it was testified that

“although he seemed to have a model life at home and at school, he suffered from recurrent severe

headaches, for which he took several prescription medicines and received treatment from a

psychologist for 9 months prior to the shooting.”

John Ogdren, 16, (Several Pscyhoactive Medications)  killed 15 year old classmate James Alenson

with a knife at Lincoln-Sudbury School, Princeton, in 2007.  He had no history of violence.  He

allegedly told a teacher, “I just snapped. I don't know why".  His lawer testified that he had been taking

“several medications”, had “a history of fairly serious psychological diagnoses and has also suffered

from hyperactivity dysfunction for many years” and was also being treated for “Asberger’s Syndrome”.


Mr Cunningham (Prozac) in Layton, UT axed his wife and daughter to death.


Sheila Coventry, 42, (“Medication for Depression”) a pharmacist from Edinburgh, Scotland UK,

attacked a disabled woman by viciously kicking her in the head after a row about a man. The injured

woman was taken to hospital and received treatment but was discharged.  She was first prescribed

psychiatric drugs in 1996 after a marital split and was on medication for depression at the time of the

attack but has since stated that she no longer needs medication and can now deal with customers in a

“calm and controlled manner”.


Cho Sueng Hui, 23, (“Medication for Depression”) went on a shooting rampage at Virginia Tech

University on April 16th 2007 killing 32 fellow students and injuring 29 others, some seriously, before

committing suicide by shooting himself in the head. It was initially reported that “investigators believe

that Cho….had been taking medication for depression” and had shown “recent signs of violent,

aberrant behaviour…including setting a fire in a dorm room and allegedly stalking some women”.


 Another report was that he was “taking high doses of anti-depressants”

(,,2007170791,00.html).   Cho’s room mate Karan Grewal said that

on the morning of the shootings “Cho calmly applied lotion, inserted his contact lenses and took his

medication”. (,10117,21577383-2,00.html?from=public_rss), adding

“He did not seem like a guy that would do anything like this”.

212 incidents


Gerard Moray, 47, (SEROQUEL), USA jail guard, shot his wife before killing himself.  His wife survived

the attack.  He started taking Seroquel, an antipsychotic drug commonly used to treat bipolar disorder and

schizophrenia, only four days before the shootings


Steven Abrams (LITHIUM) of California rammed his car into a preschool playground killing two children

and wounding five.  He was taking the Lithium under court order.


Eric Foster, 36, (“SCHIZOPHRENIA and Bipolar Medication”) killed his father by beating him to

death with a hammer 2 weeks after his medication was increased but has no recall of the incident. He

had previously assaulted his father and stepmother in withdrawal from ‘medication’ prescribed for a

diagnosis of ‘bipolar’ and ‘schizophrenia’ and had attempted suicide. 


Anthony Barnwell, 25, (ANTIPSYCHOTIC) diagnosed as a non-violent schizophrenic and prescribed

medication in 2004 when he was offered a place to live by a Mr Broomhead.  In 2005 while babysitting and

in a frenzied attack he stabbed and killed Mr Broomhead’s 6 year old son.


Phillip Hall (SCHIZOPHRENIA and Manic Depression “Treatment”), Company Marketing Manager,

Wales UK, fatally stabbed his 12 year old daughter, Emma, after he returned from a visit to India which had

been set up as a hoax by a rival company through emails.  Mr Hall believed at the time of the killing that the

death of his daughter would save others and that she would be reincarnated.  He was “being treated for

schizophrenia and Manic Depression”.




Mark Laguna, aged 42, (Celexa, SEROQUEL and other psych medications) fatally shot his wife

who was one of the “two most important things in his life” and then walked to the local library and

called the police to report what he had done.  He was described as being in the state of “an emotional

basket case” during questioning and was could not appreciate the effect of the Miranda waiver.   

(Ongoing, an involuntary intoxication defence will be presented.  UPDATE:  found guilty of 2nd Degree



Charles McKinley, 46, (SCHIZOPHRENIA Medication) attacked two nurses, 3 days apart, punching

one 10 times in the face and hitting another over the head with a chair.  Both survived.  McKinley had

been in mental hospitals for 26 years and “didn’t like being medicated”. He told the Jury “I snapped. 

That’s what happened.”  He also said “I took it until I couldn’t take it anymore.”  Two psychologists

rather oddly “determined that McKinley was sane when he committed the assaults advising the Court

that “except for his history of schizophrenia, McKinley showed no indication of the disease.”

Would this then  reflect a gleam of intelligent recognition  that his bouts of homicidal behaviour were

down to documented adverse effects of antipsychotic medications such as ‘akathisia’, ‘agitation’,

‘delusions’,  ‘schizophrenic reaction’ ‘mania’ etc,  rather than to a ‘mental illness’?    (On May 24

2006, Mckinley was sentenced to 16 years imprisonment for on two counts of felonious assault.)


Raymond Wills, 29, (OLANZAPINE and Paxil) UK. Involved with psychiatric services and various

medications at a young age, his condition and behaviour deteriorated and he eventually became agitated and

aggressive with impulsive behaviour leading to his being prescribed olanzapine.  In Jan 2000 his prescription

of olanzapine was increased leading to further deterioration in his mental health.  On March 7th 2000, with

suicidal ideas of hanging himself emerging, he was prescribed paxil alongside the olanzapine and on 20th 

March 2000 he killed both his sister and his 5 year old nephew in a frenzied knife attack.  




William Freund, 19, (GEODON) California went on a shooting rampage, killing two of his neighbors

and then turning the gun on himself.  


Naomi Gaines (ANTIPSYCHOTIC / Neuroleptic medication) threw her 14 month twins off a bridge

into the Mississippi river, killing one of them, and unsuccessfully attempted suicide by jumping off the

bridge herself.




Benjamin Holiday (ANTIPSYCHOTIC by Depot Injections), a former UK law student who had used

Ecstasy at university, following which he presented symptoms of auditory hallucinations and suicidal

ideation.  He was diagnosed as having a ‘serotonin imbalance’ due to the use of Ecstasy, and then further

diagnosed in 2001 as schizophrenic and prescribed depot injections of an antipsychotic drug.  A period of

mental health deterioration followed which included incidents that he could not recall.  In 2004 he threatened

a visiting nurse and 3 months later in withdrawal after missing a depot injection the day before,  he stabbed a

passing pregnant mother to death.  




Patrick Purdy, 25 (Amitriptyline and CHLORPROMAZINE) in California, opened fire on a school

playground killing 5 children and wounding 30 others before killing himself.





Sabrina Wright, 31, (ANTIPSYCHOTICS and Tranquilizers) NY, drowned one of her 4 year old twin girls in the bath because she thought the girl was possessed.


she thought the girl was possessed

Frederick Williams, 41, (SCHIZOPHRENIA ‘treatment’) a 6-year fire-fighter veteran in Memphis

who, in March 2000, shot his new wife 4 times in their garage, killing her, then set his house on fire

and ambushed the emergency crews who responded, killing two fire-fighters, a sheriff’s deputy and

wounded a neighbour by a shot to her face, before being brought down by police with a shot in the

thigh.  A few months earlier a lifelong friend noted that Williams started to show signs of instability

and paranoia.  He was on sickness leave and was being ‘treated’ by psychiatrists for a “variety of

problems, including paranoid schizophrenia” and returned to work just two days prior to the killings

but apparently left the same morning due to ‘sickness’.  (Williams found not guilty of 1st degree murder

by reason of insanity, sentenced to an indefinite time at a max security mental health institute. 

Families have” filed a civil lawsuit against the psychiatrists for allowing Williams to return to



Lenny Gall, 16, (Paxil then ZYPREXA) Utah, killed his mother with an axe. He had been prescribed

Zyprexa shortly before the murder because he had suffered serious adverse effects from Paxil.   His

father said that Lenny "never had a shred of violence in him."


Andrew Robinson, (in-hospital SCHIZOPHRENIA “treatment”) UK, stabbed an occupational

therapist to death in 1993 at the centre for acute psychiatric care.


Mike Stagner (Schizophrenic 'Treatment') went on a shooting rampage in Colorado, killing 4 people

and wounding 3 others.  He had "recently been treated for schizophrenia" and prior to the shootings

may have stopped taking his 'medication' and been in withdrawal.


Marvin Lister,35, (Schizophrenic ‘Treatment’) had a history of sexual assaults on patients and

physical assaults on staff during his two decades in hospitals receiving ‘treatment’, culminating in him

being held in the Mental Health Unit of a US jail on charges of assault.  While there he killed a

cellmate by stamping on him over 100 times.  2 guards were suspended without pay re not discovering

the incident for a further 25 minutes despite the screams of the victim.  Lister was found not guilty of

murder by reason of insanity, ordered to be held indefinitely in a mental institution. 


Charles Knowles (Psychiatric Drugs including Haldol), Detroit, killed two police officers before he

was shot to death.  Michigan State Mental Health Director Thomas Watkins confirmed that Knowles

had "no real history of acts of violence" prior to his psychiatric treatment.


Raymond Wood (Antipsychotic and Antidepressant) was described by those who knew him as a

good, kind, gentle man who was devoted to his family.  He shot and killed his wife and four of their six

children, wounding the two youngest aged 3 and 18 months and unsuccessfully shot himself.  Raymond

had been diagnosed with mental illness fifteen years earlier after a breakdown, and was hospitalised

and medicated which led to 13 admissions over that period for psychotic episodes.  A short while

before the incident he again started exhibiting psychotic symptoms and just 3 days prior to the killing

he was prescribed 'an antidepressant and an antipsychotic",  whereupon his condition deteriorated 

and he complained of 'hearing voices' and being 'possessed by the devil'.   Prosecution intended to

request the death penalty, but after intervention by Amnesty International this was withdrawn.


Mark Bullock (OLANZAPINE) UK, stabbed a nurse in a mental health facility at St James hospital.  The nurse survived due to help from a fellow nurse.

Nathan Webb, 23 (Antipsychotics) stabbed his friend to death in a halfway house they both resided in. 

Nathan was diagnosed with a 'mental illness' at the age of 11.  Nathan had been receiving medication

and periods of hospitalisation for paranoid schizophrenia over the two years before the killing and 6

weeks prior to the incident had asked to be readmitted to hospital due to homicidal and suicidal urges

and had slashed his own face.  He killed his friend because he "heard voices telling him to be violent". 

(Found not guilty of murder due to 'mental illness' and committed indefinitely to a Security Hospital.




Richard Baumhammers (Psychiatric Treatment for schizophrenic disorder), a lawyer in Pittsburgh, 

went on a shooting rampage starting with his next door neighbour.  He shot 6 people, five of whom

died.   Prior to the killings he “had seen 12 psychologists and psychiatrists and taken up to 17 different

psychiatric drugs”.


Linda Anderson, 54, (Schizophrenic medication), shot her neighbours Robert and Shirley Goerlich

because she “thought they were trying to poison her with cookies”.  She had been diagnosed with

mental illness back in the 1980s but had no prior history of violent tendencies and no criminal record. 

Her lawyer stated that there had been no warning signs and that “it came out of the blue”.  “She

seemed like somebody who was OK to be out in the public on medications. It’s really unfortunate.” 

She may however have been in withdrawal as it was also “unclear whether Anderson was taking her

medication at the time of the shooting”.   (Ongoing)


Daniel Williams, 27 (In-hospital Psychiatric “Treatment”) UK, stabbed another patient to death in

1998 after an argument. He pleaded guilty and was jailed for life.  


Sylvia Seegrist, 25, (Antipsychotics), US, went on a rampage at a shopping mall shooting randomly at

shoppers, killing two and wounding eight.    She had been receiving “treatment”, including medication and

fifteen hospitalizations, since the young age of 15 when her hostile behaviour was first diagnosed as a mental

illness.  Once under the  ‘treatment’ she received over the ten years, her behaviour became noticeably bizarre,

with increasing aggression, the onset of delusions and general psychotic behaviour. 


Lashuan Harris, 23, (Haldol).  Lashuan killed her 3 young children by dropping them into San

Francisco Bay after twice being admitted to hospital and “treated” for Schizophrenia in the previous

twelve months and 3 months into withdrawal from the prescribed medication, Haldol.   She

experienced “command hallucinations” instructing her to sacrifice her children to God.

As with all the drugs listed herein, toxic effects both on,  and/or in withdrawal from, the drug are part and parcel 

of the ‘prescription’ and to protect the drugs and the profits the onus for the results of those toxic effects MUST

remain with the patient, be blamed  on a ‘disorder’.  Haldol   predictably include CNS  side effects of: Insomnia,

restlessness, anxiety, euphoria, agitation, drowsiness, depression, lethargy, headache, confusion,

vertigo, grand mal seizures, exacerbation of psychotic symptoms including hallucinations, and

catatonic-like behavioural states which may be responsive to drug withdrawal and/or treatment with

anticholinergic drugs  (Ongoing. In  the absence of true  justice or integrity it is again to be the patient

who faces murder charges regardless of documented evidence of side effects and despite  professional

disregard of  a legal duty of  care in  neglecting to give  adequate patient  advice, monitoring,

recognition and treatment of such documented side and/or withdrawal effects of drugs prescribed.)


John Hyde (Antipsychotics then PTSD treatment) went on a rampage killing 5 people.  5 months

beforehand a psychiatrist changed his diagnosis from schizophrenia to PTSD and his medication was

changed.  His behaviour became rapidly “paranoid and psychotic”.  He had been known as a “cheerful man”,

would “never harm a soul” and who was “always willing to repair a tyre, fix a door, and cut the grass”.

Jerome Warren, 47, (Antipsychotics) fatally stabbed a woman multiple times after a confrontation.  Half an hour later he rang the police and confessed.  He had been diagnosed as schizophrenic and “had been on several medications” according to court documents and had previously served two years for battery for another non-fatal stabbing.  (Ongoing, prosecutors have amended the charge to voluntary manslaughter saying that Warren acted under sudden heat and this could incur a punishment of 20 to 50 years in prison) .





Stephen Bourgeois, 43, (Withdrawal BIPOLAR medication), London, UK, killed his partner in 2007

after an argument by driving his pickup truck at her which hit another vehicle in his garage pinning her

against the garage wall. He then attacked her with an axe and she later died.  He had suffered a serious

head injury in the past and had been diagnosed as bipolar but had not been taking his medication. 



David Sullivan, 28, (Prozac and Risperdal) entered a McDonald’s restaurant, stabbed 17 year old

worker Anna Svidersky in the chest and arm with a butcher’s knife and walked out  When questioned,

Sullivan "gave no indication of how this female victim was selected, but (said) she was 'just sitting

there, minding her own business.' "  Sullivan who was a “Level II sex offender” had a history of mental

illness and was taking Prozac and Risperdal.  (Ongoing)



Vitali Davydov, 19, (Schizophrenia Medication withdrawal) of North Potomac killed psychiatrist

Wayne Fenton (Associate Director of NIMH).  Seven months prior to the incident Davydov had been

diagnosed with schizophrenia and treated by 'several doctors'.  Shortly before the murder Davydov's

father, a Russian born scientist, had made the emergency appointment with Fenton for his son as he had

stopped taking his medication and was "growing increasingly delusional".  At the appointment

Davydov apparently believed that Fenton wanted to be killed and beat him to death with his hands

before rejoining his father in the carpark who immediately alerted the authorities. Davydov has been

found 'not criminally responsible' and committed to a high security hospital until no longer considered

dangerous and is now on three medications.


             246 homicidal incidents























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"You can see no reasons, cos there are no reasons" except PSYCHOACTIVE DRUGS...

December 8 2007, 1:52 AM

Considering the benefit and the risk, we think this preparation totally unsuitable for the treatment of depression.’ — May 25th 1984 communication to Lilly US from Lilly Bad Homburg by B v.Keitz containing a translation of an unofficially received medical comment on the Fluoxetine application to the German regulators.

‘I do not think I could explain to the BGA, a judge, to a reporter or even to my family why we would do this especially on the sensitive issue of suicide and suicidal ideation.’ — Memo from Bouchy C to L Thompson Re: Adverse Drug Event Reporting – Suicide Fluoxetine. November 13th 1990. Exhibit 117 in Forsyth vs Eli Lilly.

‘I am concerned about reports I get re UK attitude toward Prozac’s safety. Leber suggested a few minutes ago we use CSM database to compare Prozac aggression, suicidal ideation with other antidepressants in the UK. Although he is a fan of Prozac and believes a lot of this is garbage, he is clearly a political creature and will have to respond to pressures. I hope Patrick realizes that Lilly can go down the tubes if we lose Prozac and just one event in the UK can cost us that.’ — Memo from Leigh Thompson February 7th 1990. Exhibit 98 in Forsyth Vs Eli Lilly.

‘All policymakers must be vigilant to the possibility of research data being manipulated by corporate bodies and of scientific colleagues being seduced by the material charms of industry. Trust is no defence against an aggressively deceptive corporate sector.’ — Editorial (2000). Resisting smoke and spin. Lancet 355, 1197.

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