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Lincolnshire one of only 25 pathfinder sites ..Targeted Mental Health in Schools project

January 24 2008 at 1:20 PM


Lincolnshire has been chosen as one of only 25 pathfinder sites in the country to take part in a Targeted Mental Health in Schools project, over the next three years.

The aim is to provide additional resources into targeted schools to help them develop a whole school approach to the positive emotional well-being of children and young people. It will also provide early access to psychological therapies for young people experiencing mental ill health.

The successful bid is a result of joint working between Lincolnshire County Council, the National Health Service in Lincolnshire, and county schools.

The pilot will be centred on St Clement’s College in Skegness and feeder primary schools; The Haven High Technology College in Boston and feeder primary schools; and The Giles School in Old Leake together with The Tennyson High School in Mablethorpe and feeder primary schools. Schools will work in close partnership with the Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service, and various other children’s services.

Councillor Mrs Christine Talbot, Executive Councillor for Secondary Education and Healthier Communities, added: “We are committed to the emotional, health and well-being of all young people in our schools, and many of them are already carrying out some good work for the benefit of their pupils.

"This is an opportunity for us to make progress in this important area and we are looking forward to extending the already strong partnership work with the schools in the Boston, Skegness, and Mablethorpe areas.”

Councillor Mrs Patricia Bradwell, Executive Councillor for Children’s Services, said: “The project is intended to enhance the learning environment and create an effective climate for all children, and school-based therapeutic work for children and young peopole who are experiencing problems.

"We are delighted to have been chosen as one of the pathfinder authorities which will enable us to develop this service in Lincolnshire over the next three years.”

John McIvor, Chief Executive of Lincolnshire PCT, said: "We are delighted to be working in partnership with the County Council and local schools to deliver the kind of preventative services the people of Lincolnshire told us they wanted in our consultation on shaping health in Lincolnshire.

"We are committed to developing preventative and early intervention services as part of our programme to improve the health of the population of Lincolnshire and the services which support them.”

Paul Jackman, Director of Child and Family Services at Lincolnshire Partnership Trust, added: “This is an excellent opportunity to promote integrated working between the Trust and the County Council to provide improved services for Lincolnshire children and their families.”

Lincolnshire will be given nearly £700,000, split over three years, to fund the project

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and the rest from Government News Network

January 24 2008, 1:24 PM 

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Department for Children, Schools and Families
Thursday 24 January 2008 11:21

Department for Children, Schools and Families (National)

Better support for emotional wellbeing in schools - 25 pilot areas announced

Minister for Young People Kevin Brennan today announced the 25 local authorities that will begin the Targeted Mental Health in Schools project.

Each local authority and corresponding Primary Care Trusts will work with between three and six secondary schools, as well as their feeder or associated primary schools, to deliver better support for those children who are at risk or are already experiencing mental health problems.

The successful local authorities are; Luton, Norfolk, Suffolk, Leicester City, Lincolnshire, Hackney, Merton, Southwark, Gateshead, Northumberland, Sunderland, Blackburn & Darwen, Blackpool, Bury, Brighton & Hove, Kent, Reading, Leeds, North East Lincolnshire, Coventry, Shropshire, Wolverhampton, Gloucestershire, Swindon, Cornwall.

Kevin Brennan said:

"Good mental health and wellbeing are crucial to ensuring that all our children and young people can learn, achieve and fulfil their potential. Early detection and intervention through schools and nurseries is vital in doing this.

"I would like to congratulate each of the local authorities that will be taking part in these important pilots.

"Each pilot will be implementing innovative ways to ensure a better service to some of their most vulnerable children and families and their success will inform the national roll-out of this project."

The schools, who have all chosen to be involved in the pilots, will develop innovative approaches to mental health support, bringing together professionals and relevant services to ensure holistic help and support is easily accessible to those children and their families who need it most.

Funding for the pilots will be available as part of the £60 million announced by Secretary of State Ed Balls in July 2007, to promote mental wellbeing in schools.

The pilots will be able to use the funding for:

* More practitioners: school based staff (such as learning mentors and family support workers); practitioners with mental health expertise i.e. primary mental health workers, therapists;

* Voluntary sector providers - to work in and close to schools;

* The development and delivery of effective training and support for practitioners.

Each pathfinder will employ a project manager. Further guidance for schools containing more detail on therapeutic interventions will be published in early 2008. The guidance will supplement the Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) programme and will summarise the key findings and emerging evidence from the pilots as well as providing suggestions on interventions which are consistent with the overall SEAL approach.

The pilots will be evaluated to identify successful models of mental health support and the findings will inform the roll-out of Targeted Mental Health in Schools nationally in 2009-10 and 2010-11.


1. In July 2007, Secretary of State Ed Balls announced £60 million available over three years from 2008 for targeted with schools for children and young people at risk of/or experiencing mental health problems.

2. In December 2007 Secretary of State Ed Balls and Heath Secretary Alan Johnson announced a review of CAMHS to ensure that the educational and emotional needs of children and young people with mental health problems, or at risk of developing them, are being met.

3. The Targeted Mental Health in Schools project will begin in April 2008. 25 local authorities and their corresponding Primary Care Trusts will develop models and processes, alongside a thorough support programme and rigorous evaluation. Learning from these pilots will continually inform a phased national roll out from year two (2009-10) onwards. The national roll out will proceed as follows:

* 2008-2009 - 25 pathfinder local authorities

* 2009-2010 - 55 local authorities will join the 25 pathfinders, totalling 80

* 2010-2011 - the remaining 70 authorities will join, totalling 150

4. The targeted Mental Health in Schools Projects include:

East of England


Norfolk has selected four clusters of schools. The pathfinder will extend and embed SEAL alongside commissioning additional professionals to deliver specialist/therapeutic early intervention work in schools for children experiencing problems; delivering individual parent/carer support to enable parents/carers to participate in and benefit from group positive parenting programmes; and offering targeted provision and assertive outreach for hard to engage, vulnerable parents/carers and children.

East Midlands

Leicester City

Leicester City pathfinder will build on two integrated service hubs delivering joined up services and on a city-wide multi-agency community based mental health team (the Child Behaviour Intervention Initiative - CBII). The pathfinder will cover 7 secondary schools and 39 primary schools across three clusters. The project will develop a school mental health team to deliver a holistic approach to working with children, young people and their families through the school setting.



The pathfinder will complement and enhance the existing range of multi -agency work promoting pupil emotional health and well being, including healthy schools, SEAL, pupil development centres and mentoring. The aims of the project are to deliver a variety of group based and individualised intervention work in schools including: providing brief therapeutic treatments on a one to one basis, offering drop in support, parenting advice and education for parents, and offering advice and training to staff in schools including helping develop and implement effective referral systems Five secondary schools, including a special school and 14 primaries will be involved in the pathfinder.

North East


The pathfinder in Sunderland aims to deliver targeted early intervention support for children at risk and their parents through; supporting and training school staff ; providing evidence based targeted interventions alongside developing an integrated single referral pathway to specialist CAMHS. It will include five secondary schools and their 20 feeder primaries embracing all children in the 5 to 13 age group.

North West


The model to be adopted by Blackpool will include early detection of mental health problems, signposting to a key worker, and where appropriate access to other services. The project will develop schools CAMHS teams to provide specialist CAMH support to participating schools. They will provide a direct therapeutic service to children, young people and their families via the schools. Therapies offered will include solution focused work, and will aim to improve existing referral mechanisms to multi-agency specialist CAMHS.

South East

Brighton & Hove

It will aim to build on and extend the community CAMHS element of the existing schools and communities team in each of the 3 areas of the city. As a result it aims to develop and provide training and support for such as learning mentor and school counsellors in a range of mental health evidence based approaches to develop family based support alongside school based interventions and build on existing systems and processes to develop coherent and co-ordinated approaches across schools and specialist CAMHS. Pilot to include 4 secondary schools and 8 feeder primaries. The project will track the cohorts of children from yrs 5 and 6 through to their transfer to the selected secondary schools and support them through the transfer process

West Midlands


The project will build on existing 'whole school' approaches (e.g. SEAL, NHSS) to promote an ethos of positive behaviour and successful relationships, involving all staff, pupils and parents; develop a multi-agency 'stepped care' approach to the prevention and management of mental health problems; provide a high quality therapeutic intervention by trained staff and using specific psychological interventions. The Pathfinder will work with three school clusters (one in each of the three areas for children's services), and will involve 7 secondary schools, 26 primaries and 2 special schools.

Yorkshire & Humber

NE Lincolnshire

The pathfinder project seeks to offer a continuum of support and guidance to children, young people, parents and families and to staff groups. Some of the activities will include developing a Resilience Framework, Peer Awareness & Listening service, support services to parents and families that focus on emotional well-being, and opportunities to commission through extended services, and offering a Parent Mediation service

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Client ref 2008/0016

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or should that be Mind Control Central

January 24 2008, 1:25 PM 

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Contractors invitation from Dept for Education & Science

January 24 2008, 1:29 PM 

2007103 DCSF: Evaluating the Schools Based Mental Health Project Tendered  Tendered

Expected start date 10-Feb-2008
Contractors are invited to express an interest in being invited to tender for the following evaluation of a group of 25 pathfinders in the Targeted Mental Health in Schools project. Normal confidentiality criteria will apply.

The last date for receipt of expressions of interest is Friday 7 December 2007. It is envisaged that Invitations to Tender will be issued in W/B 10 December 2007.

The Targeted Mental Health in Schools Project is a 3 year project (2008-20011), seeking to develop innovative models of therapeutic and holistic mental health support in schools aimed at children aged 5-13 who are at of or experiencing mental health problems; and their families. This project will involve a partnership approach between local authorities, their corresponding Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) and clusters of schools.

The aims of the Targeted Mental health in Schools project are complementary to existing initiatives such as the National Healthy Schools Programme and SEAL. It should provide an opportunity for schools to extend and deepen their existing work on promoting mental wellbeing and supporting children with problems.

Evaluation is required to identify, from the 25 TMHS pathfinders, which evidence based models of mental health support in schools are particularly effective in leading to improvements in children's mental health and why. We are envisioning that the evaluation will have a control component to the methodology.

The evaluation will also look at the impact of the TMHS work on children's mental health, their behaviour, attendance and achievement.

In addition, the evaluation is intended to provide a sound evidence basis on the processes involved in the successful delivery of the pathfinders, which will then be fed into the roll-out of the project nationally, over 2009-2010 and 2010-2011.

DfES Objective
Key Research Priority
DfES Project Manager Helen Kay

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targeting 5-13 year olds ..... national roll out 2009-2011

January 24 2008, 1:50 PM 

The Targeted Mental Health in Schools Project is a 3 year project (2008-20011), seeking to develop innovative models of therapeutic and holistic mental health support in schools aimed at children aged 5-13 who ...............


........ which will then be fed into the roll-out of the project nationally, over 2009-2010 and 2010-2011.

DfES Objective
Key Research Priority
DfES Project Manager Helen Kay

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