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quite a lot survived until WW2

April 13 2008 at 2:00 AM
PatBierter  (Login PatBierter)
Missing-Lynx members
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Response to A Big Bertha did survive the war...

Fritz Hahn writes that of the 21 cm Krupp model 1916 Moerser / howitzers, 28 were modernized in 1934/35, and that the weapon was used by the army up to 1942 despite of the new 21 cm Moerser 18's introduction. It would be quite interesting to know whether the old ones were scrapped then - seems highly unlikely they all were destroyed due to hostile actions.

The Wehrmacht also had 22 of the Skoda 21 cm Moerser 18/19, developed in WW1, and used them up to the end of the war when 17 were still around.

One 42 cm Krupp howitzer, built in 1906 while developing the Bertha program (others will tell you whether this was a Bertha or some similar model) was not used in WW1, and the Allies did not discover it on the Meppen testing range.It fired 188 shots on Sebastopol in 1942 and is said to be used against the 1944 Warszaw uprising.

Also, quite a number of WW1 vintage battleship guns were used as coastal defence guns. Regards, Pat

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