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color of whippet tank?

March 17 2004 at 10:47 AM
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from IP address

currently i am building emhar whippet tank; the color to paint is given in FS numbers only; on the box the color is some kind of green; can anyone tell me what shade of green this is? preferably in tamiya colors.
pascal bastiaens

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Whippet colours

March 18 2004, 12:44 AM 

Emhar's painting instructions are frequently dubious, and it is more likely that the Whippet was painted a drab brown colour.

This link should give you some help with British WW1 colours and visiting the rest of the site is highly recommended:


Site includes an entire article on the Whippet:


As a Tamiya equivalent try XF52 Flat Earth.

Hope this helps.

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Re: color of whippet tank?

March 18 2004, 2:19 AM 

I'll just repeat my recommendation that you go to Brussels and bring a model paint color chart to hold next to their Whippet... My photos of that tank show (on my screen) a kind of dark olive drab color, but I find it very difficult to put a model paint number to it.

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Whippet Colours

March 18 2004, 4:14 AM 

Glad to see people are asking questions about this.

The problem we have is that the one surviving Whippet in its original finish can be seen as either - or both - an olive drab or a dull brown. Recent work on the Landships site suggest that the areas under/around markings are a drab brown akin to that on the Mk IV, and seen on a contemporary model MK VIII in Bovington.

Having gone through the 3 and 6 BN War diaries and the 3 Brigade War diary I've seen no reference to whippets being any different colour to Heavy Tanks. I've also seen no sign that heavy tanks in 1918 were anything other than the brown recorded for 1917, so...

The Diaries do note markings for both battalions, and the use of flags by Section commanders.

I haven't looked at the Brussels Whippet myself yet "in person" and its colour presents a real problem of evidence. If it is Sky-Blue-Pink, were ALL Whippets?

My 1/76th Whippet is the same brown as the Heavies, BUT if anyone shows that Whippets were usually a different colour I'll happily repaint.

BTW - Milicast have re-worked their Whippet now.

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Whippet colour

March 18 2004, 4:43 AM 

Philippe Massin, the guy who has photographed the Whippet in Brussels for the Landships site, and has examined it several times, has stated that it is GREEN, although in a hue much changed by the years. (The tank is in it's original WW1 camo.) But he would bet his life on the original vcolour being green. But the exact shade is impossible to tell now, so long after.

I myself, would make it a sort of bland green, not too mid-green or mossy, but with a hint of light brown in it. The colour on the box art looks pretty good to me.

Only my two cents...

/Peter K

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(Login sherman56)
Missing-Lynx members

here's a wrench...

March 18 2004, 8:09 AM 

I believe in 1927 the brits sold the Japanese a number of Whippets (8?) were these tanks repainted by the Japanese or just remarked but in the original colour?
As can be seen on other boards I'm scratch building one and I recently purchased the AccArm. release so one of these will be Japanese, Best BobC

a painting aside-i've photographed the Aberdeen Whippet, the interior too, and though very rusted inside it is obvious that the original interior colour of that tank was a gloss white-hatches and doors too.

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Only ever seen one picture of Japanese Whippets

March 18 2004, 8:21 AM 

It's the one reproduced in Volume 1 of the AJ Press series on Japanese armour.

All you can say from the picture is that the tanks are a monotone which is darker than the uniforms of the crew and accompanying soldiers. I can e-mail a scan if you haven't seen it.

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Bob Collignon
(no login)

Japanese Whippets

March 18 2004, 2:26 PM 

Thanks David I have the book too and it is also the only ophoto I've seen. Wouldn't a whippet in WWII facing off against a little Stuart be a neat dio if it could be proved:)? Thanks Best BobC

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Canadian Whippets

March 19 2004, 12:29 AM 

How about one of the Whippets used for training in the early part of WW2 standing next to a Ram or Grizzly?

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(Login tankmodeler)
Missing-Lynx members

Re: Canadian Whippets

March 19 2004, 9:40 AM 

I don't think we had any Whippets. We received american FT-17s and Mk VIIIs but no Whippets.

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March 19 2004, 2:09 AM 

...is also the color I thought it was when I looked at the Brussels tank last summer. But like you said, 80+ years of fading etc. have probably changed this a lot from whatever the exact original shade was.

Unfortunately, even the underside appears to be discolored a lot due to rust and other effects, with colors that range (in my digital photographs on my screen) from grey to brown to green to olive drab to dark rust colors

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Mike Cooper
(no login)


March 22 2004, 7:19 AM 

Sorry if I misquoted people by stating that Firefly had been described as "brown". I must get a look at her myself. If she was green or some olive colour, then we still have the issue of what colour all other Whippets were, and when it was introduced. So far, I've found nothing to confirm this. Any chance of anyone FS matching her?

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March 18 2004, 11:49 AM 

Thanks, guys;
I think I put my whippet aside till I got the time to go to Brussels to look for myself. I hope the one overthere is still in its original color.
pascal bastiaens

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